Loss my money with RIDGE Capital and use of my Credit Card info. for attempted FRAUD/online purchase


Hi Everyone,
I am having pretty much similar story of getting a call from Mr. Curtis of RIDGE Capital to start trading with them. He put me into this **** market with a confirmation and surety that you will open trade for me and handled my account and get me profit (as you know what exactly going to happen).

Later he appointed Mr. Joseph with me saying he will do all trade on behalf of me and i lost all my money because of their Representative trades and guidance. I lost almost USD 7,000 due to RIDGE representative guidance and trading. I want to claim all my lost money due to this.

And on top of this, I use one of my credit card for depositing my initial deposit was done on following dates:
  • 29 June 2016 for USD 1,000 and Merchant name appear on my statement was “ALWFXLIDER UK IL”
  • 07 July 2016 for USD 1,000 and Merchant name appear on my statement was “[http://www.rdgcm.com london gb/]WWW.RDGCM.COM LONDON GB”
Apart from that I never used this card for any online purchase and was available with me every time.

On 4th October, another online transaction was made (which I was not involved and someone used my card) and interestingly it’s a transaction of USD 199.99 made by another Financial Market Services provider “Elliottwave-Forecast US”. There is someone involved from that organization who tried to make this FRAUD which I reported to RIDGE Capital immidiately on the next day (5th October) via Mr. Curtis and all the supports and other emails and also via online chatting and shared the snapshot of the messages received for the attempted purchase. This proves to me that whatever the Representative advised me was deliberately done to LOSS my money.

Mr. JOSEPH many times put me in lot of pressure to deposit more money and if I respond that I cannot do it He forces me to deposit using their Finance department and many time asked my CVV for the card which I never foresee that it could be a FRAUD and I offered.

I deposit USD 7,500 as per my record and Mr. JOSEPH (RIDGE Representative) who was handling the account puts me in such deals which ends up with losing all my money. Even If i opens any deal, the account representative pressurizes me that why i am doing the trades. And whatever deals he gave me ultimately resulting in losing all my money.

Lastly, I want my money back which was lost by mishandling my account and misleading trades.
What is the way forward now.



Please go to the "Trader's Court" section under "Community" and follow the proceedures there. I hope your issue gets resolved.


Brigadier General
Tell your credit card's issuing bank that the charge for Elliot Wave is unauthorized and you want to dispute it.

You can also ask them about filing a chargeback on the other deposits based on false promises of easy profits. If they don't want to cooperate, WinChargeback should be able to help you.


Thanks for your reply, well below is the detail:
1. I told to my credit card's issuing bank that the charge for Elliot Wave is unauthorized and i want to dispute it. They said that although there was an attempte of Unauthorized transaction from Elliot Wave but as there is no deduction done from the Elliot Wave because we immidiately block the card so therefore they can not help me out in this regard. If there would have been a transaction only then they could have provide me the details. Now, this activity will not appear in my monthly statement even.

2. Regarding filing a chargeback on the deposits, i am still trying to followup RIDGE but in parallel i registered my case in the "FOREX TRADER COURT" but i am not sure that how this will proceed and how long it will take.

3. I have also been approached by a company like WinChargeback but they are asking for a charges / amount for the recovery (approx. 40% of my amount),
In this scenario, i don't know that how to proceed and what is the best option to proceed.
Needs guidance.......