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Problem Lost my all money to FTX

I am having an issue with a company


my name is Edith and FTX scammed me of about 100,000k with my account locked, I can't even access my account.
This happened suddenly last month when i could not gain access into my account, messaged them severally for days after that but got no response and guessed it was system issue/uprgrade or they were looking into it. I just knew something was off.
Constantly tried to get through to support but got no response and shortly after they declared bankruptcy and now claimed they have been hacked into and we have lost all our funds with them.
I think this has just been planned all along because i couldn't even access my account before all these went down and still can't access the account.
Withdrawals are even been disabled already on the platform.

Still hoping but wouldn't want them or sbf or whoever to get away with this.
Even their admins on telegram are claiming victims and saying sbf has run away or something like that.
Have you read the news? FTX declared bankruptcy on November 11th. Just after that, there was a very suspiciously timed hacking incident.

Someone's doing a good job keeping Wikipedia up to date, so you can get a general overview there.


I suggest calling the CFTC at one of their Customer Protection phone numbers:


Please come back here and let everyone know what they say.
But can anything be done due to the hack?

I'm going to guess any number of Federal Agencies (as well as offshore ones, since the company was international) are working on verifying if there was really an external hack (as opposed to simple theft by one or more employees) as well as trying to trace where the money went.

For the moment, I'd say offering the CFTC info about your account and asking if there is any other information they would like would be a good step.

You and any other clients caught up in this mess should also follow the news for the latest updates on FTX.
Someone's doing a good job keeping Wikipedia up to date, so you can get a general overview there.
I do think those working for FTX scam may be connected to people in high places.

The wheels of justice continue to grind forward. Look what the CFTC has been doing:

December 13, 2022 - CFTC Charges Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX Trading and Alameda with Fraud and Material Misrepresentations

December 21, 2022 - CFTC Charges Alameda CEO and Alameda and FTX Co-Founder with Fraud in Action Against Sam Bankman-Fried and his Companies

February 28, 2023 - CFTC Charges FTX Co-Owner with Fraud by Misappropriation and Aiding and Abetting Fraud Related to Digital Asset Commodities

If you are a victim of FTX, complain to the CFTC. If you don't know how, links, screenshots and instructions on filing a complaint with the CFTC are here.
I think it’s important for us, retail traders and crypto users, that crypto sphere won’t be banned because of such FTX-like cases.
SBF single handedly did so much damage to the crypto industry, it’s unbelievable. Hopefully the punishment will be appropriate.