Lost on finding a good forex broker

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I have traded with demo account for about 4 month. Now i want to trade live account with small amount 100$, just to test my emotions and strategy. I have been trading agressivley an managed to be profitable so i'm looking for broker with quite high leverage up to 1:500 and small minimum deposit.
So the problem starts here, i have red a lot of broker reviews here in FPA, but almost every broker had some realy bad ones, for example: closing profitable trades, deleting accounts, manipulating with graphs or market prices etc... Even with regulated brokers thats hapening.

Could anyone give me some advice or suggest a good reliable broker, who is honest to traders, without any kind of cheating? I don't want to give some company any cash for free to realise that's a scam. I better pay commision for withdraw just to know that my investmets are safe and my profits will be paid without any excuses.

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Best Forex Broker

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In general, if you look at the topics of the forum, you can understand that many brokers have problem situations from time to time. Some work all the time with one company, some change the broker.
The last time I use the broker is Amarkets.
From personal experience - so far no contentious points. In addition, the ability to replenish an account for a small amount (from $ 100) was important to me

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