If we exclude scams (which appear to be Low Risk / High Profits, but are really 100% guaranteed paths to poverty), there is a general rule of finance you have to keep in mind.

Higher returns are strongly correlated with higher risk. Lower risk is strongly correlated to lower profits.

Sometimes (very rarely) a golden moment happens - you've scaled into a trend that runs for many months or even holds for a few year with reasonable levels of pullback. In those super-rare cases, you may be able to make enough to render the continuing trades risk free. The problem is that such a trend forming is unpredictable, as is the length of the trend and the method of its final end. It's easy to see these trends when they are done, but getting in early enough on one that will run for a long time and distance means you'll also be getting into plenty of them just before they do a hard reverse. If you aren't conservative in your risk management, you won't have much left to put in the market when you finally jump into one of the big ones.

One alternative - Put most of your money in a very low risk, low return investment. You can still take greater risks with the rest of your cash, but some of it will slowly and safely grow while the returns on the rest will be quite variable.