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Hi Irwani, since you asked, I just looked up my account with LQDFX. They have copy-traded my forex account 38 trading days out of a total of 151 (6 month subscription) so my account has completed 25% of it's time. My equity is 18.7% above my deposits and is $29.55 short of break-even on my subscription fee, with 113 trading days remaining. My fund manager charges my account an additional 25% per month of the last month's profits.
Great,thanks Dennis


I'm happy to give out my current LQDFX numbers for anyone to see, and the numbers look really good at this point and perhaps the numbers will continue to be good into the future, who knows. I do see this experience as high risk so please use due diligence and common sense before sending any trading entity your hard-earned cash. I'll keep you all posted...


Everybody seeing this review if you are with LQDFX broker just look for another one as they will soon scam you and slam you with a fake investigation going on your account and then steal all your profit. I opened my account with them a couple months ago but never traded seriously until I started to do so and I made huge profits in a matter of days. The first time I decided to withdraw I have to follow up many times with the support team and then I got them on the phone they they tried to convince me to leave my profits into my wallets and I told them that I needed the money to open with other brokers. They let me withdraw $5000 and $10000 and then a the next trading day I noticed that when winning trade they deactivate my trade. I got in touch with support and they fixed it. And then next day before I know they revoke my whole account and sent me an email stating that my account undergo investigation and all my profits and investments will be ceased. If they wanted to be fair they should have refund me all the amount I got before the investigation timeframe. I had a bonus of $6000 plus , and 5000$ In my account. I was able to get a profit of $15000 in 2 days that’s were they got upset because they are loosing money and obviously I told them that I needed the money to open with other brokers. Don’t trade with them they are thieves, scammers and they only after your money. They will seem nice to you on the chat but it is a bait. Reason why you should not trust them also is that they are not regulated that’s why they prefer that you use bitcoins for the transactions.


Conspiracy Theorist
I was reading the reviews of brokers allowed in the US and something strikes me as odd. I don't know for sure since there's a lot of technical jargon being used, but it seems like the broker banned these customers because they(the customers) made too much money or even made money at that...

I heard this happens with fx brokers...Can someone please elaborate in plain English what happened and what is going on? Thanks


The top review currently is a 5 star review. You might want to specify the dates on reviews when asking about them, since new reviews do come in and push the older ones down the page.

The next two are one star and pretty much lay out an eternal debate.

The traders say they were trading normally. The broker says their LPs flagged the traders. In the review from February 5th, 2022, the broker specifies that the LPs say they trader exploited price differences. The terms are a bit confusing, but it pretty much boils down to the LP claiming the client had a faster price feed, so would open and/or close trades at a better price than would have happened with the broker's price feed.

It is very hard to be certain who is telling the truth in a case like this. If a faster price feed was somehow used, that would violate the broker's TOS. If it wasn't, then the broker would appear to be using profitability as an excuse to improperly confiscate funds. Without having a trusted forensic accountant check the client statements as well as the data logs from the LP (and from a possible faster price feed), how can anyone be certain?

For the Feb 2nd review, the account is frozen pending investigation per the LP flagging it. If the broker or trader don't provide more information, there's no way to know what triggered the investigation or what the results were. Maybe the client broke the rules. Maybe the broker grabbed money from the client. Maybe the issue was fully resolved to the client's satisfaction. I wish followup reviews could be made mandatory for reviews like this, but I don't see any practical way the FPA or any other review site could do that.