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Discuss LucrorFX.com

General discussions of a financial company
This broker is nearly dead. I asked for refund since Aug. 10th 2015 but they just use all kinds of lousy reasons to postpone my request. I've contacted FSCL (http://www.fscl.org.nz), where Lucror registered at. FSCL helps me to push Lucror for this but Lucror simply ignored the request after FSCL sent the notice twice. Here is the evidence;

From: info@fscl.org.nz [mailto:info@fscl.org.nz]
Sent: Friday, 2 October 2015 4:46 p.m.
To: Complaints <Complaints@fscl.org.nz>
Subject: Form submission from: Complaint form
Submitted on Friday, October 2, 2015 - 16:46 Submitted by user: Anonymous
Complainant: Mr ML
Address: -------------------------------
Email address: -------------@gmail.com
Contact number: ------------------
Participant: Lucror
Complainant has spoken with: Customer Service {LucrorFX Info} and and the response was no response recently

Details of complaint:
I issue my withdrawal request on Aug. 10th 2015 but Lucror keep hold off the case for almost two months.
Here is the history:
1. On Dec. 29 2014: wired to my account #10019651 through HN Bank 2. On Aug. 10 2015, I issued the withdrawal request but using account
#10028189 as the former account # 10019651 was no longer available on my account history, Lucror didn't told me why so I can only use another live account for the withdrawal. The confirmation of the withdrawal on Aug. 10 is "e4d7f9fb530e"
3. I sent the reminder on
Aug. 15,
Aug. 20,
Sep. 10th,
but the response were just "We are sorry, we will speed up for the processing..."
On Sep. 25th (almost 1.5 month after my withdrawal request), Lucror financial department sent me a note as "Thank you for submitting your withdrawal request. In order to process your withdrawal please provide us with a copy of a bank statement or bank book for account # 9710035182169001. The document must show the account number as well as your name and the banks logo. Please note that the account information cannot be written by hand. A screenshot from your online banking will be sufficient.
By way of background, we are required to obtain certain documentation from clients in order to meet "Know Your Client" requirements to satisfy money laundering laws. We hope to hear back from you soon."
However, I have no any clue for the bank account # 9710035182169001 mentioned in their email. Anyway, I scan the account book and sent the images to Lucror as they requested on the same day (Sep. 25th).
On Sep. 29th, I sent my 5th requests to Lucror and ask for the situation. No one answer since then.
Since Lucror choose not to response my request, it would be thankful if you can help me understand the situation and push Lucror to return my fund back.
Thank you
Desired resolution: Return my fund as soon as possible
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