Hi everyone
Do not trust this lady at all she total scam since experience on her service AVA trade in uk broker partnership she sign agreements if she lost them entitlement refund agreement me and her sign through broker them she refuse pay the rest she blew $1500 usd other $200 she only pay little like one time $20 rest she not pay rest to me she owe me the money her name not Inna she claim her name Susan something because I know she pay to my bank different name her identity herself show she scammer them obviously Russia or Nigeria scammer them check her social media block all the negative plus friend also me her service had people make up positive which not real at all. She has got lot negative reviews she hide them stay away from her don’t believe every word she said to you a total liar she not professional trader she not work big companies that total liar don’t trust her save your money else way anyone want reliable forex managed account service has licence even amazon back fire her book to sell them online that show she total scam.
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