Services Offered Managed Forex Accounts Low Minimum - 30% Monthly (FAILED)

JCL's Forex Rep
Forex managed accounts with special low $500 minimum deposit offer. 30% per month = 2000% per year

If we want our situation to change we have to take risks.

We have to risk failure.

If we want to achieve great things we have to risk failure.

Fortune favors the bold.

1K into 100K
30% per month = 2000% per year

Name: JCL's Forex
Product name: Aggressive Gains

Description: The model is a short-term volatility break-out driven system.

Here are the details I have put together for this project,
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Maybe you should be a little more open with your MyFxBook statement if you want people to believe your claims. Here's the link on our website:

EVERYTHING is private except the number of pips and the win/loss percentage. There's no way to tell about risk, drawdowns, whether those pip numbers could be inflated by trading some small pip-value instruments, etc.

Rather than showing the numbers are impossible, I'll suspend disbelief and admit that there is a tiny possibility that you might be the one person in a billion who has the possibility of making that sort of return on a regular basis. I'll offer you a Pharaoh Challenge offer. Be aware that no one has yet been bold enough to take one of these.

Open a new $5000 account with Tallinex (the same broker you are using for myfxbook) and submit it to the FPA's Performance Testing program. If you can average 30% per month for 6 months without exceeding 30% drawdown, I'll arrange for a $1k account to come under your management. If your public account and the new account can maintain this level of growth for 6 more months, I will do give you something no EA, signals, or managed account has ever gotten. I will wholeheartedly endorse you and will try my best to help recruit more people to invest with you. I will also arrange for that account to get a significant increase in the invested amount.

One small additional condition. Since you are collecting a performance fee, the account will not be signed up under any IB arrangement with you. Having an account manager collecting money on a per-trade basis is a conflict with having an account manager who is payed solely based on performance.
Somebody pinch me. I think I must be dreaming. The same day I issued the Pharaoh Challenge, FPA Perormance Testing finished processing this submission:

It's on Tallinex. The amount is less than I requested. If it reaches $5k (averaging 30% per month), then I'll consider that to be the beginning of the first 6 months of the Pharaoh Challenge period.

Previously, everyone lost by not meeting my terms. In this case, even though it wasn't planned, it looks like someone may finally take me up on one of my challenges. :D
And the proft curve went well before flattening out. I'll keep checking, but unless it gets back into another round of big gains, I don't think I'm in too much danger of losing the challenge.
And it failed.

Closed P/L: $588.06. Floating P/L: 654.80. Drawdown shows 41.21% (and I think the FPA calculations on that may be a little conservative).

I'm still going to watch this for a little while, but the 30% drawdown limit (which I think most people would agree is fairly wide for a cash investment) has been breached.