Manipulation in trading account by forexcontrol


I was this broker from 4 months.
I was using MT4 platform.
The problem is when you start making money..they start giving problems like lots of reqotes.
- worst thing is they have deleted my open position which was giving more than 200$ profit with out my concent.
and then taken away all the balance of 330$.
They have given entry in the ledger "Scalping delete"
I have created the position in euro usd 1 day prior which was giving profit of more than 200 $.

When i send the complain to them their executive replied " if I m closing any position before 30 mins, then it is called scalping , therefore they taken my balance of 330$"

they have considered 3 months back trades for scalping.

- withdrawal problem - we have to take 4 to 5 follow ups for getting withdrawal.
- inconsistent fees for withdrwals
. on my first 3 withdrawals they have not charged
. next on the withdrwal of 600$ they charged 6$, then for 130 $ they charged 2 $.

Lavi Bairagi


Trades under 30 minutes are considered to be scalping?!?! I think that's a new record.

I usually trade on much longer term charts, but if I open a long term position and some central bank decides to make some surprise move a couple minutes later, I want the ability to bail NOW, not 20 or 30 minutes later, not after the trade smacks into my stoploss.

A 30 minute rule for "scalping" is ludicrous and would be more than enough to rate 1 star in my book. Add in the other issues, and I'd say it's time to close your account and warn everyone you know to avoid this broker.