Margin Calculator


If anyone needs it

I made this calculator to calculate margin and sustainable pips

Not sure if this would help anyone, but works with fractional lots or whole lots

Created with small traders in mind, and based on a 100:1 ratio FYI

Hope you can use it.

It's in ods format which is an open office file, I'll post another one thats a excel file too

Anyhow happy trading



Thank you

Cool! Thanks!

Glad I'm not the only one using Open Office. :D
Thank you, glad you like it.

I'm using Ubuntu linux and sometimes others, but it's sort of the desired standard. Also who needs more MS I've had just about enough of their junk and if your computer goes down you can't do anything. On linux Live CD's you can fix just about anything if you do some basic learning skills.

Also if you loose the links for your MS programs and have to re-install or something then your files won't even open.

There is too many pitfalls to name, but to conclude Open Office is our friend

I posted the conversion also so MS users can use it too but really people need to get their copy of Star Office or use Open Office and declare their freedom of choice Hip Hip Hooray

Happy trading.

Feel free to improve the calcular the placement of the fields are not very good, but I might fix it up and make it a php or webbased thing in the near future.