Market Makers Method = SCAM BEWARE... proof provided


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I was referring to post #17 in this thread where he posted a myfxbook link, if you click on it it says it was either removed or doesn’t exist

Hey everyone, Here is one of my trades from a few weeks ago using Dashboard© by MMM.
Dashboard now has over 250 active users who have changed their trading entirely. Next post will be posting screenshots of our satisfied members and their profits. Dashboard© is a sophisticated AI powered trading algorithm that idenitfies the peak (high and low) of a cycle, allowing you to just simply trade the M or W pattern in the direction the dashboard tells you. A true game-changer.
You can check out our IG page for user testimonials:

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This doesn't surprise me either, So here is a more constructive professional approach to these complaints.

(and 'we' are now a collective) were around in the early days of MMM Dashboard MT4 version to standalone software versions, it was a complete mess and Nick Nechanickys' members of his group lost money, again and again, also never providing the 20+ member $1200 subscription full VIP courses he promised and ignoring people that complained or wanted refunds. Nick was absent from his member chat most of the time so new member were left taking trades of software that at best was a 1 in 6 success rate . The pro traders there that eventually realised what could be going on were asking him to provide real unedited evidence of his live account trades and videos of constant live trading sessions but those requests were repeatedly ignored, and the losses mounted up for the newbies who joined on the promise of unlimited wealth.

Allegedly Nick took the whole MT4 indicator format from some English guys at which they provide for FREE, I then, later on, saw some Whatsapp chat screenshots with Nick going around in private Telegram chat at the time that suggested he then stole the idea of the standalone software from a member in his Telegram channel and then ignored, this member suggested he would wait until he was successful with it before taking action. so it's inevitable he's going to see a lot of 'evidence' before long in a professional setting he can't run away from if challenged. If all of these allegations are true and has built himself a house of cards, on a foundation of deception.

Trading is a business and needs to be treated as such, there is no get-rich quick magic recipe and a lot of what you are seeing now is old recycled strategies repackaged into subscription money-making scams where they use multilevel marketing and target prospective affiliates with big followings who are naive enough to sell out their good reputation for a quick return. They then use this free money to trade with and portray a Wolf Of Wall Street lifestyle. Nick Nechanicky appears to be no exception so far.

There I no such thing as retail level Trading AI until you get to institutional level players, they cost hundreds of millions and years of training at crypto server farms to develop and are guarded by multi-trillion dollar operations such as Goldman Sachs. So that's an obvious lie within the marketing, which you could probably base the rest of it around.

Here are some links for that original FREE Dashboard Nick seems to think he has a copyright on & patent pending for. They truly deserve the credit for Dashboard = Telegram Chat = MQL5 Dashboard Indicator Page

The main implicate affiliate sock puppet people within Nicks MMM Dashboard circle are as follows JustinEqualsTime Paul Gideon Scott Merritt

References to MMM DASHBOARD independent reviews:

Screenshot of the original FREE DASHBOARD by BreakerTrader


Hopefully, the Forex Peace Army will allow this post to go public in the fight against recycled strategy scams within the Forex industry

Good luck with your trading, don't give up because you will get there if you are diligent about people like this and develop a sound strategy with good risk management.