Market Traders Institute MTI Scalpers Dream Course


Hi everyone,

I assisted to a Market Traders Institute online presentation about their product Scalpers Dream Course on april 7th 2011, and after that, his sales representative Mr. Donny Sullivan called me a few times and insisted me in buying the course, with the two months money back guarantee.

After one month of study, I went to the practice with a demo account and I didn't like the methodology of the strategy they sold. I asked for a refund and then they told me that I had to prove the methodology didn't work in a real account, so I did that. Then I asked for a refund again and they told me that I had to assist to one online class to complete the requirements for the refund request, so I did that. After that, I filled the refund request and they sended me an email about they received the refund request, and after that, nothing happened. All of that before the two months they gave for the refund request.

I called them a lot of times, and I tried to speak with Mark Harper who is the person about the refund, sended emails to them and I had no answer. If I call them again the recepcionist transfer the call to Mark Harper and he only give's the voicemail, in wich I left him various and he never answer them.

I'm still trying to contact them, but nobody answer me yet.
If you haven't already done it, leave these people a shiny 1 star review.

How did you pay? If by credit card, call your issuing bank and discuss charge-back options with the fraud department. Since these guys are in Florida, you might also want to check out the State of Florida Attorney General's website for more options.
Thanks for your reply Pharaoh! Triple checked: I gave them a 1 star review. I payed them with CC, but the bank is not helping me a lot :-(. I wrote to the Florida Attorney General too.