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For the Whole Team of Market Trading. co

This email is just to convey to you my hatred of your disgusting behavior of stealing honest people who believed in your tricks and lies.

On December 3, 2018 I opened an account at Market Tradingo with € 250 euros and it was appointed a manager of my account "Chelsea Hamilton" who phoned me and told me to deposit another € 250 euros to be able to earn a few more pennies. I accepted and transferred this amount, getting € 500 euros to invest in the stock market.

On December 4, 2018, she call me and started with a conversation that she needed to see my credit card account to see if the account was real or fake. Your system is prepared to withdraw money from credit cards and when I saw a picture of my credit card the manager told me that I had to make some transfers to make sure the account was not fake and I was in the conversation. After making two transfers of the values she indicated, she wanted to continue and I told her that it was enough to see if the account was true or false. She immediately threatened me that if I did not comply with her orders, I would lose all the money I had already transferred. She promised that as soon as her boss has given a green light she would transfer back all the transfers made for that purpose. I was in a desperate and hoping that everything would go well I acceded to her request having the transfers stopped only when the ceiling was exhausted and was blocked.

Soon after, she asked me to see my savings account that she also wanted to take a test if it would be true or false and I retaliated that it was enough of transfers. She threatened me again that if I refused I would lose all the money already transferred because they would close my account. Faced with another threat, I showed her my savings account. Suddenly I saw a transfer on the screen of my computer of a value of € 1,897.87 to transfer and I refused. She threatened me again by assuring me that all the money would be returned and I, displeased, accepted. Before hanging up the phone she promised me that as soon as her boss give her the green light she would transfer the money immediately.

On December 5, 2018 sheu called me and I ask her about the money and she come with a story that she would give me a 100% profit and that she would invest all the money that I transferred. I told her that to invest was only € 500 euros and the rest was to be returned because I had to pay the plafond of my credit card and other bills. I told her I was not interested in 100% profit, I just wanted the money she promised to give back. Here I saw that I was dealing with a professional swindler.

And from this day December 5, 2018 until December 28, 2018, the day she closed my account, it was a real war with that mother****er who robbed me of € 9,366.87.

I will not rest until you, mother****ers, are going to jail and screwed your ass by your fellow prisoners.

Here below, what your swindler company is:

Marketrading aka 10trading is a blatant scam. Do not deposit money. They will not return your money or trade for you. Their software is in the manner of an online video game, it appears authentic and appears to be trading but it is not. They hold no broker accounts with recognised banks and their scam is simple but effective. They guide their victims into losing trades and go through fake "trial transactions" that are designed to run your money through a "trade" and thereby make it inaccessible to you. They will never refuse to return your money as this will expose them to charges of theft however they will not return your money either, in the hope that you will give up chasing them. If you have given them more, they will have a thousand excuses as to why they need just one more transaction to "validate" your card, pay non-existant commission or some other excuse, they will find it impossible to return your money without the additional deposit. Don't pay them, use a lawyer or recovery company to get money back if you can but don't get in any deeper. These people need to be taken dowo

Julio De Jesus


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Did you try to pursue these people and get your money back Julio? I tracked them to Tel Aviv before they shut down and scattered. I still get scam calls from various associated dickheads that are now posing as scam recovery agents telling people that they will get their money back from Marketrading. Incredible. Some of the same people involved in the original scam are involved. They're even using the same fake names.