Hello there,

I have opened an account with 3 weeks ago,

after 1 week in have reached the minimum trading volume for the bonus ,so I was able theoretically to whitdraw the money,but I decided to deposit the minimum amount requiered,to trade some more,safely with no bonus schemes attached.

So,after the 2nd week of trading I decided to withdraw a certain amount,unfortunately nothing happened but receiving an email that my withdarw is being processed...but still the amount of money were still in my trading platform.

After sending them a couple of emails asking why is my money not removed from the account,and a couple of telephones...with no answer,of course..the next day I received an email stating that the company.s host is changing into,and all my trades will be operated from there.

I begun again the whitdraw process

and now after 4 days of waiting for my whitdraw to be proccesed,nobody is answering a phone number nor email and the amount of money i requested is still there in my abviously its not being processed...i mean,I know that when u hit the whitdraw button with a certain amount,that certain amount should be removed from the account until it.s being processed,right? or am I wrong.. has anyone had any whitdraw problems with them lately ?pls help..!

Hi Florin,

same problem happened to me. I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing these withdrawal issues from the site

There is absolutely no info on the internet, why swapped accounts to, with credentials, personal data and money balance. Operator from call centre just told me it was a decision of management. But, is completely different company and has no relationship with

For me it seems that our accounts and credentials have been sold to third party company. I couldn't find any reviews of this broker though and don't want to trade with him.

I have been assured from Call centre specialist that my withdrawal from is currently being approved, altough they missed that 48hours approval time now. It has been 4 days and still nothing.

Let's hope we do not face any kind of scam or fraud.

Please, keep me updated if you success with your withdrawal.

Yesterday i have received another email stating that my withdrawal is being processed(third email of this type),so it.s been a week now since my first atempt to withdraw and still nothing...i.m afraid we are indeed dealing with a scam that needs to be reported to the relevant authorities.
Still nothing...omg such lack of respect,in my 8 years of trading I have never witnessed something like this...
  • Website:
  • Year since: 2008
  • Headquarters: Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Company registration: Safecap Investments Ltd., Cyprus
  • Regulation: CySEC (license no. 092/08), FSA UK (#507880), BaFin
  • Notes: formerly known as GFC Markets.
Looks like the broker is regulated by pretty good regulators. So go ahead and invite representative to explain their company's position here at our FPA. If their representative does not accept that invitation and fail to process your withdrawal, inform of your intention to file a complaint to their regulators.

Ty Rahman, but as you can see if u try to acces u get a bad gateway,the actual site is and it runs under a different regulation looks like...and i.m afraid they don.t have a representative,that.s why the representative won.t intervene ,
because they washed their hands with old scam which allows them to fool the trader and send him in different directions,so they can use his money however they please durring the waiting process... on its website ( says that the platform since May 2015. Is owned by Playtech (owned by Teddy Sagi).
I quote: In May 2015 was acquired by Playtech and the FTSE 250 Global Software and Services Company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Playtech has more than 4,500 employees in 14 countries and a market capitalization of $ 4 billion.

On the other hand, Playtech on its website ( says that the platform is owned TradeFX - a subsidiary of Playtech.

This whole story, the forced transfer of customers to the company Nuntius brokerages and Investment Services SA, owned by the same company platform, it is very strange.

Enforced on clients by the owners of the move, are not reflected in the agreement available on the platform, in which the content is not there, to this day, companies such as Playtech, TradeFX or Nuntius brokerages and Investments Services SA

It seems that customers are faced fait accompli, despite the current parties to the contract.


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The homepage still says is operated by Safecap Investments. Maybe they are shifting some clients to trade under other regulation.