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Discuss Markets.com (SafeCap Investments Limited)

General discussions of a financial company
Has anyone noticed

During my 8 months with GFC Markets I have noticed manipulating the currency rate. do they run plug-in programme to control individual account, Like measurement and control calculations of the Pips,bars,Margin forced attack for individual account. It's clear they do have control over individual account. not easy for every one to find out.
Markets.com manipuling the charts.

Was a incredible quickly action by their dealers. Under eur/usd currencies a new 200pips high was maded, but a second 250 pips (2500 points) new fall was registered and the terminal blocked. When logged again after 2 minutes, that oscilattion were not there anymore. I lose all my balance that day. Think twice before send your money to Safecap investment.

The bad comment over here is completely not true.
I am Trader and Business Intruducer with them. My deposit with them is 40,000 USD.
I never forced problem for withdrawal, or in my BI account, I get my commission on time, I have all the evidence for that, anyone has any kind of problem, please send me Email I will solve your problem with them, I have a perfect power on them, (yazan_obeidat@uqje.com.qa).
I would like to share my most unpleasant experience with Markets.com with other members. On the 18th of March 2013, the day that Cyprus had major banking problems, Markets.com was having serious problems with their their servers and trading platforms. I opened 3 positions in the morning. After sometime, when I came to check, I noticed that two of the positions had vanished. I immediately went on a live chat and explained my problem and was told that everything would soon be taken care of. That day I had five live chats and three phone calls with them. For ten days till the 28th of March, trades that were closed would suddenly reappear on my trading platform with huge losses. Markets.com could not fix the computer glitch. My life came to a standstill.I stopped going out, canceling appointments, waking up every hour to check and make sure that closed trades with huge losses would suddenly not appear and wipe out my principle.I was afraid that markets.com would refuse to take responsibilty and reimburse me.Finally, based on the suggestions given by them, I opened a new account.But the aggravation did not stop there. Markets.com refused to reimburse me part of my losses.For a month and a half they gave me the run around treating me like an imbecile with no respect or courtesy.I have traded with many companies in the past but never ever been treated so badly.

I was given a $100 bonus as compensation and promised that it would be with no strings attached. Meaning that even if I withdrew money, they would not take the $100 out of my account. But as soon as I withdrew some money, they took the money out.I was also promised $300 as a bonus if I opened a new account. they did not give me the bonus. Although breaking a promise is a dishonorobe thing to do, atleast it is not unethical. But scamming me of my money is unethical and dishonest.I would have been fine even if they had not given me a bonus but just returned my money. Finally after I told them that I was going to lodge a complaint with the FSA and CYSEC, they sent me a waiver and said that if I signed it, they would reimburse the money. I refused. I saw no reason why I should sign a waiver to get back money that is rightfully mine. Then when I mailed them that I was going to go ahead and post messages on the websites and have FSA look in to this,they suddenly put the money back in my account.They are dishonest and unethical and I claim that Markets.com tried to scam me of my money since they felt that they could do so and get away with it.

Due to the problems I was facing in my account with them, I could not close some of the trades and they are at a loss . As soon as things turn around, I will close these positions and close my account with Markets.com. But I do not trade with them anymore.

I am in the process of complaining about them to all the governing authorities they are regulated with and also seek financial compensation from FOS.I am doing this more as a matter of principle than money.These people need to be held accountable for harrassing me so much and putting me through such aggravation. No brokerage has a right to scam its clients of their hard earned money and the least they could have done is to have the courtesy to look into my repeated requests to investigate the matter further and return money that is rightfully mine.

Sure would be thankful if those of you with more experience and knowledge could give me guidance and feedback. You can write to me at prosperitymagick@gmail.com.

Thank you all for your time.

Moderation Note: This issue was resolved. You can see the whole discussion here...

I would like to share my unpleasant experience with Markets.com with the other members. I am using their traditional platform MARKET TRADER to trade manually Gold. This afternoon October 1st two 2 "ENTRY STOP SELL" on Gold at 12:30:43 GMT and at 12:41:11 GMT have been open thanks to two huge spikes which have reached exactly the value to open the 2 orders (1294.26 and 1284.26 USD per Ounce). I have seen the 2 orders mentioned as "PENDING" in their table ORDERS during 5 to 10 seconds before execution. It is not the first time that I have such a kind of problem with their MARKET TRADER platform; usually it happens with a "PREDEFINED STOP" which is suddenly executed with a Spike which reach exactly your order. On their MARKET TRADER platform it is presently very risky to place an "ENTRY STOP SELL", an "ENTRY STOP BUY" or a " PREDEFINED STOP ORDER", each time you have the impression that their platform operator will play against you at the first opportunity, when the market is not too far from your order. Your order is suddenly too often exactly the Highest or the Lowest value (spike) of the related 1 or 5 minutes period. I do not have the same kind of repetitive problem with the other platforms (MT4) and with my 3 other usual brokers.
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new joiner

hi all....m a new joiner in markets.com...actally first time using an online trading platform....wud be vry kind to hear feed back of members using markets.com....is it ssafe enuf to invest ur hardearned money and how fast is withdrawal and is der withdrawal limits....thanx to all

I agree with you. This broker is one of the worst brokers I've seen out there in the Forex Market. Their spreads are one of the most expensive ones among all brokers that exist out there. Their customer support is really laughable. The chat support is incompetent by nature. But the worst thing about them is, that they seem to always be trading against the individual investors, because whenever I set a pending order (let's say a buy stop order) the market quote always seem to reach my predefined quote. I don't have proof that they run plug in programs to reach my predefined order, but all the clues seem to point out that fact. Because it's very difficult to believe that, whenever one sets a predefined quote in a pending order, the "market" which is represented by their "platform", always reaches that predefined qoute that ones establishes before hand. And from that point onwards, the market quote could go up and down very drastically. It gives the impression that they make the quote reach your predefined quote, just to make you lose that trade.

Besides all of that, the supposed "education" that they offer inside their website, is very poor in content. It doesn't give you clear explanations about different strategies that one may adopt when trading under different possible scenarios.

It was really a shame to be a customer of this crappy broker. Honestly, this broker is the worst piece of crap I've seen in a very long time. I'm really honest about what I'm saying.

I really hope this garbage broker could cease its operations as soon as possible, because quite frankly, it makes more harm than good, in my honest opinion.

In a nutshell, their spreads are criminally expensive, their support is laughable and their education is very poor, besides the fact that, they seem to be misleading in the way they operate in general.

I firnly believe that this broker needs to be investigated because of their misleading operations. They really make a huge disservice to the Forex Market community!

Hello :

You'd better stay away from this broker. It's a misleading broker. There are much better options regarding brokers in the market. Do yourself a favor and avoid this broker at all costs. Please if you could spread the word out about this broker, you could be potentially helping a lot of people in the process.

What I can say about this broker is that, has terrible customer support, terrible spreads, horrible platforms (they have a lot glitches very often), they seem to always trade against you, because it's very easy to lose money with this broker. It's not a coincidence that, with pending orders, they seem to make the prices almost always hit your predefined quotes, to make you lose trades. It's really a crappy broker, in my opinion.

Avoid this garbage broker like the plague, man!


It's really a shame to say this but, I hold my position about this "broker" called Markets.com: It is one one of the worst brokers that I've ever seen in the Forex market. It's simply astonishing to see the lack of knowledge their representatives show at their chat: In some ocassions, they don't even know how to handle a conversation with the customer. Just to give an example; sometimes they don't even know which are the spreads of their products. It's really a shame having to deal with that kind of support. And if you take into consideration that, their spreads are "criminally" high, so to speak, in my humble oipinion, there is no reason for anyone to be involved with this crappy broker.

This is just a garbage broker that should be banned and not allowed to have a "business" up and running, as it is nowadays. They are not going to make anyone any good, instead, I could say that, in the long run, you are fighting a losing battle with this crappy broker.

Stay away from them, and avoid them like the plague!