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I've tried hard, really hard until I gave up all my efforts to try using the MBTrading demo with any free charting software.

MBT Navigator seems best to suit fundamental analysis trading style since there is no pattern detection anyway or chart included in their software by default. Also all the charting software that MBTrading lists are not free, and I need the real time charts to aid me in learning how to do technical analysis at least.

I've read in another post that some people make data feed for MT4 from MBTrading, if that is efficient and accurate without much deviation in actual quotes please tell me how to do it.

If you have another suggestion let me know about it.

thanks in advance,

Thanks to Felix for all the spreading of knowledge.


Alternatively, grab a free MT4 demo account from any number of forex brokers. Look for one that isn't a 30 day trial. Then you can set up all the handy MT4 indicators you like, but can place your orders through MB Trading or other non-MT4 broker.

EFX Group (associated with MB Trading) is supposed to roll out a new web based platform that includes charting sometime soon. I have no idea how good/bad it will be or if the same interface will be offered for MB Trading accounts at some point.


From what I've seen, Oanda's pricing is pretty much in line with MBT and EFX and they offer a free demo though their charting is a bit rudimentary.

Otherwise you're going to have to shell out for intellicharts I'm afraid.

Hope this helps - Happy Trading! :)



i need to know why you discourage trading with MT4?

Hi doorstpng,

The reason why I would discourage its use with MBT is because the quotes displayed on MT4 are different to MBT's quotes.

This is bound to mess up your stoploss boundaries because while you see a certain level where price has travelled on MT4, it is actually different on MBT.

You just risk the chance of getting stopped out more often and may get a valid signal on MT4 only to lose the trade because a chart showing MBT's quotes showed that signal to be false.

The quotes are different by about 2-3 pips sometimes as much as 5 and while that seems small, in actuality it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Hope this halps - Happy Trading! :)


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This is a decent free charting tool w/saveable setups

Try going to dailyfx site for free realtime streaming charts. You are able to save the setups. My broker has excellent charting but these are handy alternate and can be used from anywhere when you are not at your regular installed workstation.