MBCFX mbcfx.com they extend spread to LOSE ALL ACCOUNT!!!


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Two days ago i have traded on USDNOK and they give me spread about 3000 and my account took margin call and I lose complete account!!!

Check attached comparison of two brokers!

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They are excusing about liquidity provider! I have been waiting 2 days to resolve this case but they are excusing that LP not answered yet.

Please help me.... What to do?
I have added another time attachments because i am not sure if it works.


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Invite them to come to this thread and explain a 3000 pip spread to everyone.
Invite sent to;

Dr. Christine E. Hamrouni
Managing Director
MBC Financial Services, Ltd. "MBCFX"
Main: +44 124 555 0400
Fax: +44 207 681 1134
Email: chamrouni@mbcfx.com
An International Quality Summit 2012 and GFM Best Middle East Broker 2013 Winner rewarded for 3000 spread.

How these scams get those fake prizes! Creativity)))
its obvious bad tick and trades must be reverted, only thing is as I remember MBCFX is not regulated, but if they care about client and reputation there must be solution
How on earth do you guys get hooked up with these no name brokers offering bonuses and are such obvious scams? You are supporting scam brokers by not doing any research whatSOever!
Most traders starting out have no idea how to spot a scam or that so many brokers. Let's focus on getting their money back and educating them about how not to fall for these traps.

Mekta, those do look like bad tics on the data fee. Have you heard back from mbcfx?