Menne Market?


I've found no info on this company either here at FPA or on the web other than it opened its domain in April 2021, yet claims to have been in business since 2001. The site lists many awards they have allegedly won.

Company info:

They are on MetaTrader5.

Maybe they were strictly Chinese before? I have no idea what to think of this company. Do any of you have advice or experiences?


Some of the awards can be looked up. I checked one. It was won by an unrelated broker.

Claiming awards before a site was ever created is a common scam. They know that many people will be impressed with the cool sounding awards and will never notice the awards are either fictitious and/or were won by some other company.

Few people would make a large deposit in a brand new broker, so new scammers also love to lie about how long they've been around. As above, many people will say "Wow, 20 years in the business. They must be trustworthy!" and never bother to look up how long the website has existed.

Trusting a new company is a risk. Trusting a new company that has told verifiable lies is a fast way to make your money disappear forever.

Take your cash and run away from this one. You now know how to spot 2 major warning flags, but there are more. If you need a broker, this will help you find one that meets your trading needs:

How to Select a Forex Broker