My problem has started from a rogue broker within which had taken over Dupontfx about early September 2014 and goes by the name of Jack Green. There had been many demands before that he required extra money to increase the margin in the account. In late October he demanded an extra $3000 dollars and that he should be the only one to place trades on the account. I declined his demands and asked for the account to be closed. On the 21st of October 2014 i made a request to the support team to withdraw $7152.33 from the account but an hour later i noticed that Green had placed more trades on the account some of which were successful but one was on the Dax/Eur30 and this in the end destroyed the account.The way in which has was able to manipulate the account, it didn't show any margin call even when losing $7900 dollars from a total of $9000 dollars . My problem was if i had closed the trade at an earlier time he would have just placed more losing trades that would have drained the account the minute they were placed on the platform. So he had placed 3 winning trades that gained $871 dollars to make it appear he was being honest but used a 1 lot Dax/Eur30 trade to then destroy the account.There is only $4.86 left in the account. He has an opinion that He controls and owns your money and if you don't abide be his directions he can just wipe out you account. i have since attempted to make contact through their support system to higher management but there is no reply. I believe this is something Green does on a regular basis. I think that the money may not have been lost to the market at all but that he transfers it to HIS account as how can there NOT be a margin call if you are losing 9/10ths of the equity in your account. I have never signed a contract giving him total control with trading from my account.


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Invite them to join this thread.

They claim to be listed, but I can't find any proof of this :confused: is owned by Mercer Capital New Zealand and is listed on New Zealand's Financial Service Provider Register (No. FSP347626). It is also a member of the Financial Services Complaints Limited.

Where these orders done by MetaTrader platform or Webtrader (this states coming soon :confused: )

So if MT4 can you post some data from it, and also type your account number in your next reply/message.

They seem to be less than a year old first claiming to have an addresses at:
143 Main Street | Floor 2 | Suite 7 | Gibraltar, FTD Market Research Ltd. 145-157 St John street, London, EC1V 4PW, UK

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