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Ok, so here is the update
I tried to do a wire recall through the bank but the Bank Manager said it could be up to 60 days to get the money back and in the end and it's up to the receiving company if they send it back or not.
I did tell the scammers I was going to invest more and I wanted to test the withdrawal process - and someone did wire 80% back into my account.
But when I go to withdraw it, the Bank manager tells me that it was sent from another company and if that company asks for it back and the bank has to give it back, the Bank will send it to them and I will owe the bank the money.
So there's a risk with that plan. It could be another person being scammed who was told to wire me the money, and when they realize it's a scam they will demand the money from me. Or they could fake that they were scammed or whatever. The wire doesn't have any contact info.
On the other hand, it's possible (but highly, highly highly unlikely) that I could get the 100% back and also keep the 80%. I won't count my chickens, though.
Right now I just have to sleep on my potential liability if I take the money out of the bank completely.
Open another bank account, at a different bank, and move the money to it. Get a cashiers check for the 80% made out to yourself, deposit it into a new/different account at an alternative bank. This way you have the funds and if someone disputes with your current bank, you can go through a thorough due diligence process before you potentially give it to someone else, or back.

By putting the money in a different bank via a cashiers check, it removes the ability of your current bank from freezing the asset. This way you are doing the right thing for now, holding the money, but doing so at a different financial institution where you control and have a say over what's going on in the account (a new account).