metatrader4 mt4 dde server to help us prove scam


These days I found FPA and joined hoping to find a good broker to trade with. So far I could not find the best broker but the existence of FPA gave me some good ideas on how to prove that a broker is a scam. And becouse every scam broker modifies their server logs (if any) I thought that a second log would be nice. So I discovered the DDE server that every MT4 platform has.

And now ... How about recording the data stream that comes from the broker with the DDE server (record every tick, ask, bid, and time every second? This would be, I think, a good way to spot and prove the existence of spikes and the existence of manipulated chart and unfair behavior of the broker.

I have lost myself 500$ a year ago on avafx ... a scam broker as far I am concerned.

And now the business:
It would be a great idea for FPA (giving it's activity so far) to make a script (program) that would run on traders computer and for a small monthly fee (or a donate) to record the DDE data, received from the trader which has it from the broker, in a database so it can be an unmanipulated probe against the broker in case the trader has problems in getting his money.

It would also be interesting if there would be a tool to record this data on my computer so I can prove that the broker is scam ... or not.

Hope this helps ... and hope it is a good idea.:confused: