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Noel Nagle


With regard, to the purchase of Method311. From Donna Forex

Scam Alert!!

First of all I really felt on safe ground because of the reputation and honesty of Donna Forex and also as it was endorsed by Charles Floyd 11 of FapWinner.... two very well known people in the Forex world known for their honesty and integrity???

So I had no real concerns in purchasing this product even though it was a lot more expensive than most other products of this kind, the cost being $160.34 Australian Dollars.

So I purchased this product admittedly without the normal due diligence!! I generally exercise on purchasing a product from the internet.

On downloading:-

I activated the code as instructed (in the manual) and opened a demo account for a deposit of $10,000 with GO Markets I then realised a deposit of $5000 would better suit my requirements. I opened a further account for the amount required and in doing this de-activated the first account.

Now to my horror (in the manual guide) I find I have only two activations that's including demo accounts and live accounts and I have used one so only have one left!!! I realised that if I was to use the last activation code on activating the demo account a second time I would be unable to open a live account! There is no point in this as why demo and can't trade live.

I paid good monies more than normal expecting this person to be reasonable and fair in her actions. Two activation codes are not reasonable it is totally unreasonable and very unfair. Absolutely no room for error!!! There is no mention of this until you have paid for the product and then you are confronted with this limited activation process. This in turn puts Donna Forex totally in control and she may or may not issue you with a further activation code!

This demonstrates to me that she is only interested in protecting herself with no regard for the customer.

On trying out the product I found it completely useless most trades were losses and you have to manually enter a trade. Also too many restrictions with regard to the activation process, many times I have returned to the chart to find it has deactivated itself!!

On requesting a refund from Plimus you have to go through the vendor (Donna Forex) which is totally unfair as this puts you at a great disadvantage the vendor will do everything and anything to keep your money! I tried to contact Plimus first but unable to do so as there is no way for you to contact Plimus after they have taken your monies only after you make contact with the vendor.

In dealing with her, it is my opinion her integrity and honesty immediately evaporates and demonstrates no scruples whatsoever in taking your money and giving you nothing for it!

Clickbank on the other hand have a much fairer system between vendor and customer and honours its sixty day money back guarantee! The purchaser has the last word (unlike Plimus.) One can purchase with confidence with Clickbank, knowing your monies will be refunded without any problems. If you have a problem Clickbank are very easy to make contact with.

This is not so with Plimus. They permit the vendor to refuse the customer a refund. This is a very unfair situation, for the customer to be placed in, and totally without balance. This I am sure is the reason Donna Forex did not go with Clickbank but with Plimus so she would be able to refuse all refunds no matter the reason. I went to the Plimus website to make contact with them but as far as I could see you are unable to do so unless you write to them at their address. As far as I could see if you are a vendor there is no problem in making contact but if you are a customer and paid monies to them no direct contact with Plimus!!

Donna Forex even had the audacity to deny receiving my emails which I had sent her in expressing my dissatisfaction with her product and requesting a refund. Even though I have undeniable proof that these emails were sent and received by her as she responded to these emails but did not address any of the real issues.

This is a warning to all to be aware of the situation you will be placed in if you deal with Donna Forex and her product!! METHOD 311 also dealing with Plimus!!

The last correspondence with Donna Forex was she denied receiving my emails denied a refund and was totally unreasonable.

I have taken the time and effort to record this to protect other members from making the same mistakes as I have and to be very careful in their dealings with Method311 and Donna Forex.