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Discuss MEXGroup.com (was IkonFx.com)

General discussions of a financial company
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Per a sealed court order, this post has been taken down. Whether or not the content of the post returns is up to the court.
Per a sealed court order, this post has been taken down. Whether or not the content of the post returns is up to the court.
All you information are wrong . If you have bad experience in forex that didnt mean the company is not good. my Experience with them are excellen
why you post only bad reviews. Pls be transparent and post good reviews pls

Please stop spreading useless conspiracy theories. Reviews for MEX are processed exactly the same way as for all other reviewed companies.

This includes the fake "client" review submitted from inside their Hong Kong offices today.
Dear All
Iam going through multibankfx.com website and Please check below all the regulated evidence Links, so you can check by yourself one by one:
1- ASIC : download.mexgroup.com/uploads/PDFs/MEXAM-BaFin.pdf
2- BaFin: download.mexgroup.com/uploads/PDFs/MEXAM-BaFin.pdf
3- FMA : fma.gv.at/en/search-company-database/? cname=MEX+Asset+Management&place=&bic=&category=&per_page=10&submitted=1
4- FSC : download.mexgroup.com/uploads/PDFs/FSC_Company_License.pdf
5- CIMA: download.mexgroup.com/uploads/PDFs/MEX_Wealth_Management_Corporation_Certificate.pdf
6:United Arab Emirates: multibankfx.com/MEX_Clearing.pdf

There is a sealed court order regarding a number of posts about members of the MEX group of companies. Part of that order forbids any new posts which make certain claims regarding MEX.

The FPA is not equipped to determine which new posts and reviews are or are not in violation of this order. The FPA will also not run a review page or discussion thread that does not permit reviewers to discuss and question all aspects of a company.

For now, the FPA will not be accepting new posts about any MEX company or reviews about any MEX company. How long this restriction lasts is up to the courts.

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