Mexican forex services is a scam


I need to post this thread in order to keep my fellow Mexican traders away from this company.
the name of the company is FOREX.COM.MX and with this guys I had my first encounter with the forex world. back in october 2009 I did not know anything about forex, I was searching the web for investment oportunities, and I came across with two web sites one of them had to do something with oil exctraction and the other one was FOREX.COM.MX. so I decided to go with forex because it did not needed as much money to invest than an oil research investment.
so this guys claimed that they are experts in the forex world, the even give you an excell sheet as an example, where you can put the amount of money you are willing to invest, and see it grow over the months. the say that they have a " neural web" with tip of the sword software and computers, that guarantee profits over the months, the truth is that everything is a big lie, I have seen my 1000 dlls. became 80 dlls. today, this guys use BOSTON MERCHANT FINANCIAL AS A BROKER and I had problems with this guys too.
looking at my daily reports, I have seen desposits and withdrawals in my account, that I havent even made, I made a withdrawal for 100 dlls. and they split it in two meaning that the made one deposit for a 50 dlls. and another deposit for 50 dlls. so in order to do the wire transfer this guys charge you 45 dollars for each withdrawal, that means that I get only 10 dlls. of my 100 dollars deposit.
I have made contact with this guys at BOSTON MERCHANT, and they never give a straight answer, first they told me that the deposit and the withdrawals where in fact made by my self, they sent me the withdrawals forms, and guess what, the signature was not even mine.
when I mention this they even get mad at me telling me "that's the way it is and there is nothing we can do about it" I told them that anyone can make a deposit or a withdrawal to my account since they approved forms with whoever signature is printed on, and they told me "that's impossible".
maybe this guys think that Mexican people are very naive or very stupid.
so back to the guys at FOREX.COM.MX a tryed to make contact with them in order to cancel my agreement with them, and stop using my money to their advantage, with no success, I had sent them e mails with no respondse, today is to late for me because I almost lost all my money, and since FOREX.COM.MX is one of the few forex services available in Mexico, is my responsability to warn other trader to stay away from this guys.