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General discussions of a financial company
Contacted support about a trading issue with this EA twice last week and so far there is no reply. The statement on their website that the EA will only make 1 trade per pair which also reflects the results they show on FPA, is not holding true to my live account. I have been getting multiple trades on each pair and there is only 1 instance of MT4 running. The risk/reward is not that great per trade but the EA does show some promise for someone looking for a steady trader. I am pretty good with EAs and very experienced with them. Not sure why the vendor does not reply to their email.

Now I am headed into week #2 already with about 100 pip drawdown from last week on a $500.00 live ECN account. It also appears that the vendor manually intervenes and does not allow the EA to trade through certain news so beware. I took a 70+ pip hit on GBPAUD after it attempted to trade the AUD GDP release but the vendors account does not list a trade. There are also trades that executed on the vendors account that are identical to mine in which the vendors account looks like they stopped out early and mine would remain open etc.
I can screenshot my emails to and from MFM3 and clearly show that you did repond to the issue once and I responded back to you with attachments of my statement and .SET file for the account I am running on. It wasn't a vicious review and I apologize if you take it that way as I indicated that the EA does show promise. What I did say is that you do not reply to your emails which I will attach to this if needed. I do not run on a VPS loop as you say or different magic numbers but I do suggest you re-check your email for the replies that I have sent.

As stated in my previous post, I really think this EA has potential. If some things are better explained as to what to expect with a maximal drawdown, etc, I think we will head in the right direction. The other question I sent in a seperate email to MFM3, how long was this running on a live account and if there is more live results we can view. If you took what I said completely negative, I apologize as I did not intend to cut on your program.
Since last night the EA did not work. I guess a server issue, but the vendor told nothing concerning that....