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MFX GROUP holding company has opened office in Tbilisi

Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by MasterForex Broker, Oct 11, 2013.

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    MFX GROUP holding company has opened office in Tbilisi

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    On October, 3 MFX Broker’s branch office was officially opened in the capital of Georgia. The office is located on the Chavchavadze prospect in prestigious business center “Pixel”. All anxious people have already been invited to complete free trading basics education and get free trading-related consultations from professionals.

    “Our company gives everyone a chance to examine Forex trading theory. We wish to breed professionals. The education will be provided free of charge and along the way we will provide consulting services. Any person from Tbilisi will be able to purchase shares of Apple, Gazprom and other companies” - said the company’s founder Igor Volkov.

    Besides purchase and selling of shares in the market, the company will facilitate development of mid-sized business in Georgia. The company’s representative Evgeniy Kogan explained that MFX Group Georgia will fund plants and companies basing on another principle than banks do, under much more pleasant conditions.

    “Our task is to provide people with a toolset, which is trading stocks, discretionary management, brokerage transactions and bonds trading. Moreover, it gives the companies opportunity to attract investments, to sell or buy a business. A company might go to a bank, however, there are lots of other funding sources. We provide both retail clients and companies to solve reach their goals. We came here not for 5 minutes, not to skim the cream off, we came here for long, seriously. We think, Georgia develops rapidly and we wait for this process to continue” – said Evgeniy Kogan.

    Georgian office opening coincided with the MFX Broker’s 7th anniversary, so the company prepared a variety of pleasant surprises for its new and existing clients - no deposit bonus for new accounts, free education, various prize drawing, personal professional consultations and many more. MFX Group Georgia will also provide clients with the opportunity to fund their accounts in national currency lari, both via bank transfer and reliable payment system Pay Box.

    Follow the news about the office's further development and operation on our website.

    Detailed interviews of MFX Group representatives are available on the following news portals:

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