MFXBroker - Co-organizing an Event with a Famous Trading Scammer


MFXBroker Representative (and Ponzi promoter)
MFX Broker performed as a co-organizer of FAMOUS CRIMINAL Jordan Belfort’s training

On 28th November legendary CONVICTED CRIMINAL guru of sales and negotiations, the real “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort visited the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi with his one-of-a-kind “Straight Line Persuasion” program. The platinum sponsor of the event was the global holding MFX Group, presented by MFX Broker Georgia.

This event was the closing for the world tour of 2015. The event attracted more than 2000 people not only from Georgia but from various countries: Russia, UAE, India, Israel, and even the USA.

The event was held at Tbilisi Philharmonic Centre from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. The director of the company Margo Zhiznevskaya and the local TV host and marketing guru Otar Kiria were presenting Jordan Belfort on the stage.

All the participants of the training could talk to representatives of the company at special MFX Broker stand, get personal advice, and got to know about investment programs trading, and affiliate development.

In the frame of the event MFX Group presented the wide range of products, including MFX Broker, MFX Capital, MFX Affiliate, MFX White Label, and the newly established training centre – MFX Leaders Club, that is aimed to teach people how to establish and manage their business around the world. The program starts in Tbilisi on the 5th of December and will be followed by a 2-week program “Business Beyond Stereotypes”. It already caused huge interest from the side of Georgian entrepreneurs.

In the nearest future the program will be accessible to the English and Russian speaking population through online seminars and distant study.


Margo Zhiznevskaya
MFX Broker Georgia:

" It's now about the top you reach – but how many people will reach the top because of you. Jordan Belfort's visit to Georgia has been a big step forward in the motivation of our society. We're going to work and develop what he has started. Lots of people in Georgia – and not only in Georgia – have great ideas on how to start their own business. They are innovators, they want to change things. Yet – they face the barriers at lack of resources, experience, contacts and others. But the main barrier they face is them, as employees working «from 10 to 7» and them, as entrepreneurs having control over their lives. We're going to smash and burn those barriers for people, who would like to live «better than average». MFX Leaders Club will educate, develop and connect people around the world to push them forward as entrepreneurs."

The event was followed by a cocktail party at the local bar, where the director of MFX Broker Georgia had an opportunity to discuss in person with Jordan Belfort the further plans for development of distant trainings in the region.

In 1990 Jordan Belfort created one the most successful and dynamic brokerage companies in the history of Wall Street. He reached fantastic results making more than $50 million a year USING METHODS THAT RESULTED IN HIM BEING INDICTED FOR SECURITIES FRAUD AND MONEY LAUNDERING. Jordan worked out his own training method which is famous around the globe. In the trade he was called the “Wolf of Wall Street”. Martin Scorsese shot eponymous movie with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead.

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MFX Broker

The above is a copy of a post MFX Broker made in the Press Releases folder. Items in RED are a few facts which MFX forgot to mention.

I find it sickening that any broker would brag about working with a convicted scammer. I find it worse that they brag about how famous the guy is without mentioning how he was convicted of crimes and was sent to federal prison. I had to make a few edits above before permitting this to be posted inside the FPA.

I wonder how long it will take the "Real Wolf of Wall Street" to finish paying back the restitution he owes victims.

I wonder why any broker of any sort would want to openly associate itself with Jordan Belfort.

I was thinking of feeding this post to Spam Cat, but that would be animal cruelty.

If you haven't seen the movie and want to learn a little more about Jordan Belfort's activities, you can CLICK HERE to see his page on Wikipedia.
Wow! "OUR BROKERAGE PROUDLY SPONSORS CRIMINAL BROKERS!" - One more reason to keep your money as far from MFX Broker as possible.
wow, cannot believe my eyes, they are trying to establish a Rebates program with us, we will stop it!
This is a good mix of being pathetic and stupid and should say a lot about which kind of people are involved in this business. This is just degrading.
We all that every start-up brokerage company would invite serious names in the niche market that it operates. Moreover, they focus on the fresh traders. I won't trade with them, I am sure that many other traders with experience will not trade with them either.

wow, cannot believe my eyes, they are trying to establish a Rebates program with us, we will stop it!

What's the point?! Lots of rebate websites had established reward programs with famous scam brokers and binary options platforms.
What's the point?! Lots of rebate websites had established reward programs with famous scam brokers and binary options platforms.

The point is to be happy that at least some sites won't do business with questionable brokers. If more IBs did this, it would force those brokers to change their ways or else get by with far fewer customers.