Michael Freeman (Emmanuel Matityahu) - Serial Scammer

Alice Abernathy


Seriously, I can't believe this despicable specimen of humanity is still around and getting away with scamming newbies.

It's been a while since I first started with binary options, and when I found out who this Michael Freeman (real name Emmanuel Matityahu) really is and what he does, I thought to myself that someone like this disgusting sub-human should be put away, and seeing that there are so many people complaining about him, someone ought to start a petition or something.

So, I can't believe he's still at it. He has literally scammed hundreds (maybe thousands) of people, and has even had the audacity to brag about this new apartment in Tel Aviv he bought with the money he stole from the gullible noobs who were dumb enough to trust him. The cheek!

Also, I see he still keeps producing those fake dummy sites and hiring Fiverr.com actors to post fake video reviews. He is literally hijacking Google and YouTube in order to prevent people from finding real reviews about him and the fraudulent schemes he pushes.

I'm totally sick of it; it disgusts me to the core.

To date, I have found dozens of websites this mentally deranged psychopath runs pretending that they are not his. Is he really psychologically unstable or just driven by banal greed? Who knows, but here is the list of websites I believe are Michael Freeman's clone blogs (and I don't think this list is exhaustive):

+ BestBinaryTraders.net
+ BestBinaryOptionsSignal.com
+ BetorOption.com
+ BinaryLeaks.com
+ BinaryOptions.net.au
+ BinaryOptions101.blog.com
+ BinaryOptionsAnonymous.com
+ BinaryOptionsArmy.com
+ BinaryOptionsBoomerang.com
+ BinaryOptionsChannel.com
+ BinaryOptionsDoctor.com
+ BinaryOptionsEliteClub.com
+ BinaryOptionsGorilla.com
+ BinaryOptionsGovernor.com
+ BinaryOptionsHelper.com
+ BinaryOptionsInReview.com
+ BinaryOptionsOpportunity.com
+ BinaryOptionsPatrol.com
+ BinaryOptionsPimp.com
+ BinaryOptionsPinkPanther.com
+ BinaryOptionsProductReview.com
+ BinaryOptions-Sentinel.com
+ BinaryOptionsSheriff.com
+ BinaryOptionsSpot.com
+ BinaryOptionsTradingPlatforms.org
+ BinaryUmpire.com
+ BinaryOptionsWatchdog.com
+ DisputeZone.org
+ EasyTradingSignals.com
+ EZSignals.com
+ Investing-News.net
+ ObjectiveBinaryoptions.com
+ OptionXpert.com
+ PrestigeBinaryoptions.com
+ MichaelFreemanScam.com
+ MyMoneyMakingReviews.com
+ SignalFeeds.com
+ TheBinaryAdvisory.com
+ TradingHorizon.com
+ TrustedBinaryReviews.net
+ TradeBinaryOptionsWithSuccess.com
+ UnitedStatesBinaryOptions.com

Not to mention that, having got tired of promoting other people's scams, he's invested in his own white-label scambot a while back and is still aggressively pushing it on all of the above dummy sites. The (not-so-) original name was Mike's Autotrader (I've actually tried it; very stable and consistent ITM rate of >50% i.e. you are steadily losing money). I believe he's rebranded the same piece of scamware several times by slightly altering the interface and slapping a different logo on it. But it doesn't alter the fact that it's the same scambot with the same >50% ITM.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Mike's Autotrader is the same as:

+ NEO2 (neo2.co)
+ Tauribot (tauribot.com)
+ Centument LTD (centument.co)
+ Virtnex (virtnextapp.com)
+ Option Bot 2 (optionbot.net and trend-xpert.com)
+ Gold Digger (gold-digger.trade)
+ Cash Camp Net (cashcamp.com)
+ Binary Options Blueprint (binaryoptionsblueprint.com)
+ Citadel LTD Autotrader (a clone of Centument LTD) (citidelltd.com)
+ Binadroid (binadroid.com
+ Fast Cash Biz (fastcash.biz)
+ Copy Buffett (copybuffett.com)
+ Forex Paradise (forexparadise.biz)
+ GPS Forex Robot (gpsforexrobot.com)

... and f*** knows how many more.

Unfortunately, it is not textbook illegal to endorse scams, so there's probably not a huge chance that he'll end up in jail, but I'm sure he's not paying his taxes, for which it might be a good idea to report him...


I'm glad someone is trying to sound the alarm about this guy. He seems to pretty much own the entire illegitimate side of the BO industry. Thanks for your post.

I would add, from personal experience, that these systems look and work identically to the others mentioned above, so I assume they're his, as well:

+ CrunchTech (crunch-tech.net & crunch-tech.co)
+ CodeFibo (codefibo.com)
+ BinaBot a.k.a. BinaDroid2 (binabot.net)

I also believe these "review" sites are his, as they push his auto-traders, as well as his FB group:

+ Binary Options Agency (binaryoptionsagency.com)
+ Binary Signals Cafe (binarysignalscafe.com)


Master Sergeant
Binary options industry still requires a lot of scrutiny and regulations as most of the complaints we notice on this FPA scam alert folder are related to binary option brokers. This is may be due to this industry is not matured yet and that is the reason why many traders got scammed by the binary options black sheep.


about this new apartment in Tel Aviv he bought with the money he stole
This might help;
As far as i knew the Israeli government decided that offering binary trading services is against the law.
Not sure what else, but you can find the article in times of Israel fore sure.. years 2016-18, dont remember exactly.
So, a good step will be to get all your evidence and contact the Israeli police and ask them to go after this guy.