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Hi, I was super wrong with me MIG BANK, I closed orders without justification after they opened, spreads widen to 40 pips or more in the Mayors, limit orders do not take them where it is but before I have had cases and caught me a limit and lost out the operation, and limit to more than 30pips, in order are the worst, are very friendly customer service but when to be responsible for their mistakes is washing their hands, I took many years working on fx and truth these are the worst, I recommend, there is another problem they have is that the platform is disconnected on the fundamentals and the charts are frozen, terrible.
Be aware of MIG

Hi all,

please don't be amazed by MIG's profile and promises as once you deposit - that that is gone. You will end up discovering strange behaviors on market ... your MT4 will have unexpected jumps - just enough to kill your positions. And no other brokers will have those jumps. Also, different spread you will realize after loosing big money and after complaints you can get answer that you should use EURUSD1 and not EURUSD as by default you are on new conditions (which you never agreed!?). On any complaints you will find superior and arrogant answers that you are not right. There is much more I unfortunately experienced with them but these I hope are enough. No welcome bonus ... no incentive bonuses ... no willing to keep customer and return some money even as trade-only ... Nothing. If I can vote somewhere - I would give -10 for them. Save your money and go anywhere else.

MIG Bank offers very good services

I am trading with MIG Bank since several years and I can say that they are one of the best brokers all around the world. Professional and ethical.

You have to understand that they are not only a BANK but a SWISS BANK. So, they work under a VERY strong regulation.

The trading conditions are excellent and they offer more than the forex. I mean that you can trade oil, gas, nasdaq, S&P 500, DJ, etc ...)

They don't worry about your trading style. For example, you can hedge

Furthermore, when you place a limit or stop order, you may receive a better price than the one you asked for.

Withdrawals are always fast (for me less than 48 hours)

Hopefully, they don't offer any kind of bonus because they are a bank not a bucket shop.

They also send a daily confirmation, so there is no way to cancel past orders. Your P/L are confirmed every day.

If you have any problem, you should first contact the tech support and if you need an advice, you may publish your account statement and a few screen shots to explain your situation.
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