Simple Question...

Why Do Migfx Charge A 20 Pip Spread On Audnzd When Their Audusd Spread Is 3 And The Nzdusd Spread Is 5?

MIGFX havent bothered to answer clients questions on this ....
So Perhaps they may answer it Here.....


That's actually a great question. I've seen things like that on a few other brokers with some of the more exotic crosses.

It can get a little complicated figuring out your stoploss and which way to place the trades, but by buying and selling the AUDUSD and NZDUSD you can make your own artificial cross of AUDNZD and only pay the sume of the AUDUSD and NZDUSD spreads.


IB for MIG?


Apart from Swissnetbroker, does anybody know of other Introducing Brokers for MIG, please?

Kind regards and good pip hunting!


Bad experience with MIG BANK sevearl fronts

I had a really bad experience around technical issue they were experiencing. Funds I gained were taken back from my account (W.Q.) and they opened a position while I was gone from my computer without notifying me and with no stop. (they called it reopening my position, yes! That's true. I am glad it did not cause me a huge loss).

I have no choice to leave this company after 5 years. They just do not get it together technically and in term of Human Resources. Their dealing room staff at night is like not trained to deal with problems adequately.

Customer relations is nice, but without empowerment to doo the right thing.

I had enough with deal desk brokers for now. Time to move to ECN. They also changed tp variable spread, which is now worst than before with fixed spread.
12 spread on GBPUSD at times.


Dear mates
If anybody have tried migfx.ch please state your evaluation

I have been with MIG for 5 years after initial serious problems with them. I have to warn people now to use this broker. They are now called MIG BANK . I had a serious problem with them on Sunday. They seemed to have a technical problem which gave me a profit from the move. They took the profit away from me, and then without my knowledge reopened my position without a stop. I was lucky to discover it in time and manage the trade,
Their nite service was impolite and unprofessional in handeling my issue. Client relations was kind, but ineffective and with no power...In the end justifying the company's behavior.

I think it is a disgrace to the FX industry to have a company act like this.

They have now variable spreads, which are widening like crazy during Asia,

Time to change brokers for me.


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Problems severe at MIG BANK ( NOTE THIS!!!!!)

Recently encountered tremendous problems with MIG BANK after their change from MIG to MIG BANK (Swiss regulators required more capital).

I was with them for 5 years. This did not make any difference for MIG BANK when they reopened a closed trade in my account without my knowledge and without warning me.

They had severe technical issues last Sunday, which sent clients accounts spinning. They did not handle things correctly and actually caused tremendous problems for me and according to them also many more clients.

The profit I made was taken back with no apology for their actions.

Nite time trading room responses were unprofessional to say the least.

No more MIG BANK for me!!!!
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Mig Ib

Hi Sandra,

I am one of the IB for MIG located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

If U would like to know more on MIG, feel free to contact me via the following methods:
SKype: kerrian2004
MSN: kerrian2004
Yahoo Messenger: kerrianlim
Email: kerrian2004@yahoo.com

Good Trading to your success,
6/July/2010 3:05pm (GMT +8:00)


Apart from Swissnetbroker, does anybody know of other Introducing Brokers for MIG, please?

Kind regards and good pip hunting!


Hi, Mine was super wrong with them, I closed orders without justification after they opened, spreads widen to 40 pips or more in the Mayors, limit orders do not take them where it is but before that I've had cases and caught a limit and lost out the operation, and limit to more than 30pips, in order are the worst, are very friendly customer service but when to be responsible for their mistakes is washing their hands, I took many years working on fx and truth these are the worst, I recommend sax Alpari bmf, these are serious, there is another problem I have is that the platform is disconnected on the fundamentals and the charts are frozen, terrible.

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26 pips para CADJPY, 10 pips para EURUSD, 30 pips para GBPUSD y 7 para USDCAD. Estos precios fueron los que recibimos de nuestros proveedores de liquidez.
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