Mike Watkins (theholistictrader)


Mike Watkins resells Forex and Crypto signals.

In March I showed that Mike Watkins was fraudently using FCA regulation as a sales tactic — Mike Watkins was stating he was FCA regulated.

Mike Watkins is not FCA authorised/regulated for Financial Services.

As a result of publishing the facts — I have been under a campaign of sustained harassment from Mike Watkins (Michael Watkins) for the past four days.

Full details are on my website forexcrypt.com, here is a brief summary;


  • Mike Watkins has DDOS’d the website again.
  • Mike Watkins posted proof on Twitter he did take my Facebook account down

  • Mike Watkins spammed my email account with 20 harassing emails in 47 minutes.
  • Mike Watkins spammed my Twitter with over 30 harassing and abusive tweets.
  • Making further claims of Police reports to North Wales Police with a referral to the Financial Investigation Unit for fraud — I am not sure who or what that is about.
  • Making claims of Police reports to London Metropolitan Police.
  • Claim of reporting to FCA — not sure what for.

  • Mike Watkins DDOS’d this website.
  • Repeated false claims he had directly spoken with/made direct complaint to North Wales Police Cyber Unit.
  • Claimed he had contacted London Metropolitan Police / made a vexatious complaint. Even provided a “reference” in email and on Twitter…
  • Claimed he had no access to a computer, when he had sent me abuse from his wordpress account from his home address the same day.
  • He repeated threat of suing me.
  • He repeated accusations of harassment.
  • Had my Facebook account taken down — even gloating on Twitter that the page had been removed.
  • Sent multiple harassing emails with Police report claims which are either false or vexatious.

  • Mike Watkins DDOS’d this website.
  • Repeated false claims of North Wales Police Cyber Unit involvement — all false. He made laughable claims he had contacted Police because of libel in a civil dispute.
  • Repeat threats of “seeing me in court” / suing me for libel.
  • False accusations of cyber bullying.
  • Admits he lied about being FCA regulated with withering apology.

  • Falsely claimed he is suing me — there is no writ, no claim. In any case what is he going to sue me for?
  • Falsely claimed AK Jensen is suing me — they are not.
  • Stating he is getting the FCA and SEC involved — for what? What are they going to do?
  • Falsely claiming he had ‘just spoken with Police’
This is a sustained campaign of;

  • harassment
  • stalking
  • cyber bullying
  • misuse of computers
His details:

Mike Watkins / Michael Watkins / Mike Indigo.

Michael Watkins Director of Indigo Digital Asset Management Limited Company number 12156748.

Michael Watkins Director of Blocktraders Limited
Company number 11731915.

Website: Theholistictrader.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HolisticTrader

This is not the first time he has carried out these activities. If you read online others have suffered this.

For your own safety - Please do not engage this individual, he is a master of deception and extremely volatile.