Its shocking to see so many belligerent, false comments on Millennium-Traders.

I have been a member for years and the moderators provide excellent guidance for traders in several markets. I am a member for their stocks, futures and forex rooms and have no complaints. It seems those of you who post nasty comments, have no clue what their service is about. They provide potential calls for traders which has nothing to do with their performance. If you are a seasoned trader, such as myself, you will find their guidance serves the service. I act on suggestions they make. I - as well as any member, can view details from the trading rooms from the archives. How stupid of any of you to say they post false performance - open your eyes. I figured out that those of you slandering them do so because you are trying to 'mirror' their performance and again, how dumb is that.

They obviously know what they are doing to be providing day trading services since 1999. I wonder how long you vultures posted hateful comments, actually traded. You obviously don't know how to trade and only comfort your losses by blaming someone else.

They don't trade accounts for traders therefore, how could they be responsible for your losses? If you don't know how to trade and lost your money trading, look in the mirror and stop blaming Millennium-Traders.

Its time you give up trading since you can't take responsibility of your own trades. You will never succeed at day trading by pointing the finger at others.

Not surprised if you slam your broker, computer manufacturer and Internet provider for your poor trading results as well.


Hi TraderTrack & others
I have been reading about Millennium Traders with interest and would welcome an update on your experience with their service. Specifically how long you have been with them, what success you have and how you find best to utilize their signals.
Look forward to hearing from you