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I have a problem with this company

I made a deposit of 300 USD on 22nd of August 2013 into their GOLDEN7 investment program. I made an online search and found that they are regulated by CROFR in Russia. You can also find their documents on their web page -

All of that made me confident this was transparent and legit company, but now that I want to withdraw my money several problems occurred.

My first request to withdraw my funds was made on 8th of October. I wanted to deduct 517 USD back to my bank.
Originally they stated that transaction takes 5 days and I was OK with that, but after the 5 days passed and no money deposited to my bank I checked the web page and used their chat support.
There I found out that they have canceled all withdrawals prior to 13th of October and made some restrictions.
Maximum withdrawal amount was now 250 USD and max. number of withdrawal requests is 1 request per 10 working days.
The period for requests processing was increased from 5 to 10 days.

Knowing all that I made a new withdrawal of 250 USD on 15th of October. I waited for 10 days and still nothing. I went back to their web page and I found out that chat is not working, but there were information that all request made before 28th of October were once more canceled and new restrictions applied. Now the processing time was 14 days.

I was concerned, as this was the second time it happened and nobody contacted me trough telephone or email. No notice, I had to read it on their web page.

I made a new withdrawal request on 30th of October and waited for 14 days. I wrote to them 4 times, from my email and from their online contact form, but I didn't receive any reply what is going on. 14 days have passed and no money deposited. I made another withdrawal request on 15th of November, so I have a total of 2 pending withdrawals.

I am attaching the print screen here milltrade1.jpg

I would appreciate any help on how to proceed from now on.
I wrote them email and asked them to reply here and to me as well.
I deposited trough my debit card, will try to chargeback the funds.
Here's some info I posted in the other milltrade thread in case anyone is trying to track them down:

Admin Organization: MILL TRADE LIMITED
Admin Street: TrustCompany Complex, Ajeltake Road
Admin City: Ajeltake Island
Admin State/Province: Majuro
Admin Postal Code: MH 96960
Admin Country: MH

That's in the Marshal Islands, and is just a trust company. This means the real owners are not easily determined.

I tried charge back trough my bank, but they replied I need to solve this with the company that provided the services.
Till today I haven't received any of my money. The website is down it writes that MMCIS have filed for bankruptcy, no mention of Milltrade, no reply to my email or here form their side. What is the next step now?
Have another chat with the fraud department at your bank. Explain that your friends at seem to have disappeared along with your money. Explain that the ability to withdraw funds is part of the services they claim to have offered, and that by not processing your withdrawal, they are not providing you with the services promised when you deposited. If the person can't understand this, ask for a supervisor.
The bank will never pay me out with their own money and since there is no company to reimburse me, the money is gone. The bank knows this company was fraudulent and all I can do is post here for people to know. I also found this article:
In total I discovered 2 fraudulent companies this year (secureinvestment and milltrade), with no option to receive my initial funds, so scamers are winning for now.