Mobile Trading Apps



I've been trading spot FX for about ten months now, but as I've been busy with travel, I'm looking for options to trade on a mobile platform. I'd like to track my positions when I'm away from my desktop and have the option to place orders. I've perused the app store but I've yet to stumble across anything I like. Any reviews on UI and fundamental uses of apps out there would be great.
A lot of brokers offer MT4 mobile.

For brokers with a web-based platform, ask if they have a mobile version or consider getting a tablet with a big enough screen to handle the web platform. Then again, a good tablet should be able to handle most trading platforms, assuming the OS is compatible.
Or you can buy some Windows 8 tablet (not Windows 8 RT) and install any platform. There are many different tablets, I think you'll find some models you'll like.
One more variant is to install Teamviewer app to android tablet device but it's not always convenient to use it.
I bought Asus Transformer Book T100TA and installed MT4. So I can trade from anywhere.