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Most of the indicators currently used by traders in the Forex market were created for another market - the stock market and for another time when there were sufficiently monotonous trends and quotes were not as volatile as they are now when there are no trends (as stable trends of unidirectional price movement). Moreover, the random noise of the foreign exchange market is now so great that (due to the summation of many random walks) they can even give rise to illusions of trends that will be determined by classical indicators that then give false signals. For more details on the occurrence of such false signals, see the author's study: " True and illusory currency market trends ." Therefore, almost the entire existing arsenal of indicators is not very suitable for trading on the Forex market and does not reflect key aspects of the state of this market. For a technical assessment of the state of the Forex market and its instruments, it is necessary, first of all, a statistical analysis of the history of their quotes suitable for such non-stationary processes, which would make it possible to identify important trading patterns that are latent for standard (supplied with the MT4 trading platform) indicators. MORE