Money withdraw issue with InvestTechfx

Robert Li

My a/c numer is 29xx, open the a/c on Jan 02 2009. I total I deposited US$12250. My a/c equity balance by 27 Feb is US$58006.08.

On 16th Jan 2011, I emailed to InvestTechfx to withdraw US$6000 by wire to my bank account.
17th InvestTechfx replied that “In regard to your request, we would like to inform you that we are unable to proceed your withdrawal request since you have commited until Feb. 2011. Thank you and have a nice day”.
I was ok with that explaination.
On 27th Jan I received: ”Your withdrawal request has been completed. Thank you and have a nice day!” I checked my a/c and see no withdraw and asked them why and they replied this on 28th Jan, "Dear Valued Customer,
We will proceed with your request once the commitment is finished. Thank you and have a nice day! Yours sincerely, InvestTechFx
I was very much assured.
On 4th Feb I emailed them to ask them to proceed with the withdraw. No reply.
Chat online and support told me that they will talk to the management directly.
8th Feb, 2011 emailed them to change the withdraw request to US$10,000. No reply.
9th Feb 2011, forwarded the email to support/info/ No reply.
Chatted with online support and was told that " they are Straight Through Processing, we always adhere to a procedure that has us forward your account details to a third party liquidity provider"."They give us no guarantee of how long that process takes Your request is in process currently."
Called the a/c manager and no answer.
10th Feb 2011 received “We have received your request, and we will update you shortly. Thank you and have a nice day! “
12th Feb emailed again. No reply.
16th Feb emailed again. No reply.
16th Feb emailed 2nd time and changed the request to US40,000. And provided them two withdraw options. Either to my paypal or wire.
16th Feb replied “ We have received your request, and we will update you shortly. Thank you and have a nice day!
22th Feb 2011 emailed again but no reply.
23rd chat with online support. (I:Recently there are a few withdraw cases against Investechfx all are saying that they couldn't withdraw their money, various reason are given by Investechfx, I am worried about money now. Support3:google "forexpeacearmyfelix"
Support3: that guy is the one who causes these issues)
25th called Alan’s office number again and finally able to talk to him. Recorded down the conversion.
In the conversion: after I told him my a/c balance, how much I deposited and how much I want to withdraw, he sounded suddenly irritated and talked a few times that ‘ do you believe you are a good trader”…..bluh bluh bluh, then followed by the VIP a/c commitment until “ end of this year”, after I told that my a/c commitment already finished, then he told me that I must email him one month before the commitment to end the commitment or the commitment will be automatically renewed….then I told him that his rule is ridiculous and I am not in the position to know his “rule” if he don’t mention it anywhere….at that moment my worry become real and I decided not to continue the conversion. So I and asked him just reply my email.
By 27th Feb no further email from InvestTechfx.
Regarding the VIP a/c, I am afraid that I am not qualified as I only deposited less than US$15,000 and only got US$1500 for the trading bonus. Unlike the VIP a/c as stated on their website, deposit more than US$20,000 and got 25% bonus. I guess that because the bonus that the VIP a/c are locked for one year. But for my case, I shouldn't be classified as a VIP as I only got silver a/c bonus.