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Money Matrix Insider

I don't think this was a planned scam; but I joined last November and have lost about a third of my investment. (And that does not count the original $1,495 to sign up for one year of the service.) I think everyone involved is basically trying to be honest, but promised to way-over deliver. Apparently, Hyman had a good record to show Ruddy and Ruddy was overly excited by it. However, like with so many such services, they hit a terrible slump. I'm not being an apologist for Money Matrix, I'm just trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.
It did recommend that clients close out its most recent trade with about a 150-pip gain yesterday not close to its TP level, however. Funny thing though, Hyman has let most of his losing recommendations run to their stop loss, while calling several of his ultimate winners (including yesterday's) to be closed out before they ever came close to reaching their original take proft targets. Then he trumpets three or four wins in a row that have made a relatively smaller number of pips, compared to his huge losing trades. Just trying to make it look good to get clients to forget their large losses, I guess.
Because of my experience, I cannot recommend Money Matrix. I really don't believe it's a scam, (in other words, not a planned system to cheat unknowing investors) but a much over-sold service that is failing to live up to its hype.
Update on progress.

Here is an update -- two winners in a row.

Total pips since 11/09: -1,392 pips
Winning trades: 12 -- gaining 1391 pips
Losing trades: 13 -- losing 2783 pips
Average gain on a winning trade: 116 pips
Average loss on a losing trade: -214 pips
Smallest winning trade: 1 pip
Largest winning trade: 401 pips
Smallest losing trade: -111 pips
Largest losing trade: -395 pips

The second trade actually hit his initial profit limit -- this has happened rarely. I agree with a previous poster. The losses regularly hit the stop loss, but the wins are regularly closed well below the original profit target.

I thought that I would give Sean Hyman's news letter a try.
They billed my credit card for three (3) duplicate charges.
I've been trying to contact them for three days and haven't gotten any response.
I'll give them to the end of the week before I turn this over to my bank's fraud unit and cancel my credit card.
What a pain in the ass!
Make sure to ask for chargebacks on all 3. That gets your money back and costs the abusers a penalty.