Morgan Manhattan Scam - lost 180.000 Euro - See my Proofs

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Extreme attention to Morgan Manhattan corporate

Morgan-Manhattan & co: internet-trading in the world currency market Forex.

In January 2011 after a course in Milan the Master of course presented me Morgan Manhattan.
I begin to work with a demo account and I was redirected to OANDA platform which now I am also Registered (see attached file). From this platform any indication of spread, commissions, etc. I did see the conditions of the site and so I was calm on the situation of my accounts.

In February 2011 I open a real account at my name and one at name of my son by paying 20.000 euro.
I am not a scalper and I don’t use any EA. My strategy is complex and is based on an intersection of currencies with an average of about 50 open positions and the inclusion of many limit orders.
In June of same year, my budget was doubled and so I decide to pay another 20.000 euro. In September I open also an account at name of my wife by paying an additional 50.000 euro.

Morgan Manhattan opened me a Family Account with 3 sub-family accounts, 1 for each family member. Between September and December I require two withdraw of 5.000 euro regularly received.

In January 2012 I require a withdraw of 10.000 euro and here come all the problems ... Morgan Manhattan ask me for the first time all required documents to prove my identity (copies of certified documents, bills etc.)

In April of 2012 I had all 3 identities approved and I had access for the first time at the Electronic Accounting System at Morgan-Manhattan & co: internet-trading in the world currency market Forex..
At about this time Morgan Manhattan change the procedures for access to the Forex platform and insert their logo in the upper left
On my 3 accounts at 19 April 2012 I had a total budget amounting to 333.600 euro, with losses amounting to 99.000 euro and a credit advance of 35.000 euro that I had been given earlier = I had an active balance of about 200.000 euro. After an online request to withdraw 10.000 euro I was told that there are no funds available! (Attached file with count EAS). So because Morgan Manhattan cont me about 158.000 pounds of low-level ticket rate, 540 pounds of cost for the credit advance (my contact told me to be free) and 41.600 pounds of Capital Gain Tax (never heard about anywhere). See attached file.

I was advised not to operate on multiple accounts and freeze them until the end of the control procedure and after many emails with the vice-president J. L. Visconti (only person to speak Italian) I am asked to pay more money!

a) Morgan Manhattan how demo account redirected me to OANDA platform and OANDA site.
b) Money transfers are required on a British bank and the offices in Europe are in London so customers not careful can think to operate with an English broker.
c) For more than a year never has been possible to control their count and never an assistant of Morgan Manhattan (also the Italian Assistant) informed me of these low-level ticket rate and never I was informed that commissions on my trades and on my limit orders went to eat all the Balance.
d) After many of my emails to try to solve this problem , I was told that I could open an escrow account only for Forex Market charged with 150.000 pounds without being able to withdraw at least for 12 months and paying one third of this amount, so 50.000 pounds !!!!
e) It follows without doubt the will to submit to the Morgan Manhattan customer counts kept hidden for no pay, but at the same time is a clear need to ask for more money.
f) On June 21 their Legal Department close me my 3 accounts. At the time of closing my 3 account had a balance of 346.410 euro, a passive of 130.245 euro and a credit advance of 35,000 euro = Active Balance of 181.165 euro (see attached photos)
g) I lost more than 1 year of work, 80,000 euro really paid and 100.000 euro gain are not recognized.
h) There are no possibility of agreement with Morgan Manhattan and I highly recommend everyone to not even pay 1 euro to this Company.

Is not possible to attach here file png of Paint Program because are 1680x1024 and here it's possible max 1500x1500 but I have all proofs af all I wrote

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AthenaFx Representative
The hard lesson is that you should open a trading account with a bank only.

A banking license is a "must have".

Take a look at their web site. They talk about a Cyprus company. They have an address in London, Headquarters in Hong Kong and they are supposed to be regulated under the laws of "The Republic of Vanuatu".

Don't you think that you have gathered enough information to forge an opinion in first place?

Because of their London address, try to check with FSA.

Also keep in mind that pseudo legal tricks are "an awful TOS" and " easy to enter, impossible to go out".


Brigadier General
I've never heard of any forex broker withholding taxes. They may report your profits to the taxing authorities, but the exact amount you owe and how you pay it is between you and the tax authorities where you are subject to taxation.

Contact the authorities in ALL the countries they claim to have offices in. Also, ask you bank and local police about how to file an internet-based financial fraud complaint.

National Fraud Intelligence Bureau | Home does look like a good one. I need to add that to my list.

Also, contact Oanda and ask what they know about this outfit.