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Introduction to MPF

Hi FPA users,

I work for MPF as part of their customer service division.

This is just an introduction post to those that may not know of our company yet.

Millennium Penata Futures has been around for over 10 years, so I can definitely say the company is not a scam. The company is based in Jakarta, Indonesia with branches in almost all major cities in Indonesia and has been lately expanding to the international market. In Indonesia, the home country, MPF is one of the biggest FX brokerage company in terms of OTC volume traded every month.

The company provides OTC trades for almost all FX pairs, with major pairs set at fixed spread of 3 pips. MPF also provides CFDs for Asian Futures Indices ( Nikkei, Hangseng, Kospi ), Spot Gold/Silver, US Equity, US Energy, US Commodity, UK Commodity, Forex Futures, Precious Metal Spot Gold, etc. All of which are cash-settled of course.

We recently became member of Indonesia's second futures bourse, the ICDX, and thus started offering futures contract with physical-settlement options.

All in all, if you guys have any questions, queries, etc you can either contact us directly from our website Welcome to PT. Millennium Penata Futures | Forex | Indices | Commodities or post here and i'll be more than happy to help you.

Thanks !

Alex White

DO NOT trust PT Millennium Panata Futures because they will take your money gladly and open your account, but they will deny your account ever existed, and kept your money. This happened to more than 2500 Taiwanese Investors. Be aware of this company. They are a Ponzi scheme scam.
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This is a Chinese Entrepreneur with legalized entity in Indonesia who did an infuriating matter, which took over 163 million US dollars, which most of them were their life savings or mortgaged, now their houses were facing foreclosure, causing numerous people going through financial crisis.

The two young sons were brave enough to confess their faulty acts, also admitted to all the values loaded with MetaTrader 4, MT4. They were hoping to utilize the equity of the land to compensate with the debt accordingly. However, their father denied all these debt, who also refused to admit to the monetary transfer to his company, either with all the account associated with MT4. With such entrepreneur who pretend that there were nothing happened, hence continue to conduct all these fraud act in other parts of the globe, please share this article and video so no others would be affected from these innocent investors.

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The whole team tearing with accusation