Your Personnal Manager - refund issue



I'm not able to get the refund of this product,according to their Policy 30 days guaranty money back, in case of bad result...

After sending the request to Igor directly, i've no more reply from him.
Nothing favourable with PayPal also.

now I'm also tried with RegNow , ( and i'm waiting a reply from them.

any advise to help me ?

This was in another thread on the same issue and that guy did get his money:

FYI, the key to refunds from SWReg or RegNow is to go to Digital River, their parent company.
Have their telephone receptionist transfer your call to their Complaint Escalation Team.
RegNow & SWReg are shady subsidiaries of Digital River, but DR itself is a large public company that is completely legit. They actually process the billing for SWReg and RegNow.
They will take your complaint about the vendor, and about their subsidiary's operations, and likely refund you immediately if your complaint is justified.
Hope this helps. Please post your results to this process, which worked for me.
Digital River Corporate Headquarters 10380 Bren Road West, Minnetonka, MN 55343 USA Telephone: +1 (952) 253-1234.
After contacting the vendor, PayPal and Regnow, I'm now trying directly with Digital River, thanks for the tips.
I will keep you informed here about the result.
Hello plastikman,
Glad to see my post being quoted by Pharaoh and useful to others here. I have known Igor as a serious developer, if not such a good businessman. Unfortunately he has had a disasterous run with YPM this year. I hope he recovers, and can again provide something improved and profitable. Meanwhile, please inform us of your process w/DR.