Mrt markets is a scammer I lost with them my original deposit of $14,000 and the balance of 400,000$


iwas trading within since sept 2016 started with 14000$ and they make a lot of trades my account reached to over 400,000 $ they keep promising me we will make cleaning for the account so you can withdraw now in march my account become zero my account manager name was Gaith Syrian and all of sudden changed and they brought another one called Osama Jordanian and after my account become zero I complained to his manager Hamad he is unrealistic guy he come up with funny solution that I. We'd to deposit 100,000$ so he. Can make my account live again


MTR is part of the Greymountain Group of scammers.

If you deposited by credit card, contact your card's issuing bank immediately. The deadline for chargebacks seems to vary by country and you may be right on the edge, so don't delay. Ask for the fraud and/or abuse department. Explain how your legitimate withdrawal request was blocked by the fraudulent deletion of your funds.

If your bank gives you any reason other than missing the deadline, you can use WinChargeback for an appeal.

If it wasn't a credit card charge or if you want to try to get as much of your profit out as possible, WinThisCase specializes in lawyer referrals.