Remind them that if they sue you, you'll have the opportunity to ask them questions in court. :)
I was repeatedly approached and invited to trade with them. I wanted to rebuild my confidence in Forex Trading and increase my experience. Their so called account manage Mr. Hamad (A Jordanian guys) promised me a win win situation of the market and pushed me to invest more and more . While I was still completing my documents and my account was not yet approved. The man started trading my account and and informed me soon, that I am out of market, means my $2000 become zero. When I tried to contact their support no one every replied my mail or take my line when I called them. Please do not trade or deposit a single penny with them as they are open scam
I agree with you same happened to me and I lost 14000$ even when I contact them the account manager Osama and his manager Hamad they asked me to deposit more 100000$ so they can activate my account
Mrt markets is a scammer I had experience with them I lost 14000$ I trade with account manager called Gaith then he disappeared and another one called Osama came and keep pushing me to deposit more money when I refused they make my account zero I contacted his manager Hamad , Hamad give funny suggestion that I have to deposite 100,000 $ to make my account valid this happened recently 2 days back
With $140k on the table, you may want to show them that there's a difference between threatening to involve lawyers and involving lawyers.

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