MT4 charts without order lines


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Hello, anyone knows if it's possible to hide order lines from a MT4 chart?

I'd like to avoid order lines, SL and TP lines on those chart pictures to be published over the internet. Any thoughts?
Let's see . . . right click on chart, select properties, . . . er . . . got one of two.

Last item in Colors is stop levels. You can set that to be the same as the background. That fixes SP and TP levels.

Ah, sort of found it - Set Volumes to same color as background. Removes the order lines. The text about the order on the left hand side is still there.

And finally success!!! - Set foreground to the same color as background. Hides the text about the order.
Pharaoh, thanks a lot for your comment.

I guess MT4 is not prepared to switch line orders off in a conventional way.
It might sound too simple, but if you just want to capture a shot for posting it over the internet, you can do it from another MT4 that does not include your trades on it.
An old question, I know...

...but this is where I ended up when I was trying to do the same and googled it, so thought I'd share.
Initially used the suggestions here. But now you can switch off in Tools/Options/Charts by unchecking the "Show Trade Levels" box.