MTRADING INDIA is completly Fraud


I have a problem with

I took IB in month of OCT'2014 with company of MTRADING india, on 1st month i received my IB revenue cash in india local currency on time with amount of 912.55 USD, now company is not giving my next month IB commission of 1574 USD. I process my withdrawal request from this URL link :, all things also done from my side and also i received email from company like your withdrawal process done, but on same day i received call from local manager like your document is not perfect so send me you document and also he told company will pay you your commission in your local bank they will not pay in cash, so i discuss with that local manager of the company last time company already given my withdrawal so not understand why this time you are saying that you have to give your other document at all. i already inform i am also working with some other forex company they never ask such things they never same as you. i told you are doing business in NON- REGULATED countries so you not suppose to ask any kind of mine document , if you show you are regulated in india than send me your company license. but after there is no any single reply i received , after i send my document of Passport copy to company for give back my money, now company is updated my details as per my document, but company is not given my money till today , i stop do further communication with local manager and with company because now i am 100% sure MTRADING is the fraud company.
Most important thing is that when i called to local manager for my money that every time not gets any proper reply from them.
so now i stop do more conversation with local managers and i finally decided i have to go process of FPA and need to take action MTRADING.

My withdrawal details : 08/12/2014

Company MTrading
Account 60000068
Amount 1574.00
Currency USD
Price 96501.48
Price Currency INR
Fee 0 (INR)
Security code HVbeZ8T

Also received conformation from company: on 08/12/2014
Dear Amit Shah,

Your withdrawal request from trading account #60000068 was succesfully processed.
Amount of withdrawn funds: 1574.00 USD.
Payments is submitted for execution (bank, payment system processing company, etc.) and its further processing takes place according to the terms and time schedule of executor of current payment.

1 st reply i received for Your document's copy has been declined , due to :
The copy of document you have uploaded does not meet to our requirements due to following reason:

The document is beyond expiration date
( received email from this email : Dmitry Doronin <>

after that i updated my passport copy in Partner Room on same day : 10/12/2014. i also did reply on same email for inform them i uploaded my passport copy now please request to give my money back, after upload my passport copy document verified from company, but till date i didn't received my money .
i want to claim 100000 USD againts MTRADING company. because seriously, due to this all i was mentally depress.
if company will not give this claim than i am sure now i will take legal action against by the rules of Indian law.


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