Mtrading scams . Please don't join Mtrading .

Shahin Khan

Hello ,

I am a new member of this Forum . I have traded in Mtrading Forex Broker form Bangladesh . Their Bangladesh Customer Support is the best to me . They are giving me a great guideline and They all have changed my forex life . Thats why i joined Mtrading to stay with them . all were going well but the broker Mtrading has been performing like the worlds greatest Scam Broker . here are some list :

1. Recently Mtrading live 2 server suddenly gave about 110 pips spike twice , where other servers ware ok . i checked other brokers and found nothing like this . i have attached a screen shot . spike 1.pngspike f.png

2. Mtrading servers are fake i think . because My friends have seen different price in same servers at same time . the attached picture shows what the hell is this . servers.png

3. They Freeze my account when i get profit . sometimes it takes 10 min to all day long . Their customer support tried to solve my problem through team viewer but they also failed to solve .

4. My Friend has lost his money for unexpected trade closing . what a scam has done here !!! see the attachments .

5. The Most horrible Accident had faced my another friend . His pending Buy order was opened in a gap !! How is it possible ?? orders open in gap !!!.png

I am feel sorry to Bangladesh support . They are great !! They have made me a profitable trader . i will be with Them but they are only educational center . they can not solve my problem. I will not be with Mtrading anymore . Good Bye MTrading .


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they are a scam. company is bankrupt creating slippage in order to wipe your money.
company is illegally connected to admiral. stay away from them

Scott D

MTrading Representative
I am sure this case 3 years ago was solved as there was no additional comment from Shahin Khan - can we please mark it as resolved mods?

Scott D

MTrading Representative
It is an assumption indeed as he never replied to your question if he "contacted customer care" . :)

I cannot go back to 2015, but I will happily give my opinion on this "scam alert".

1. When something like this happens, please always contact customer support who will investigate the issue and contact our liquidity provider when and if necessary.
2. Our servers are not fake :) From the picture, the times are not exactly the same (2 minutes or so difference) - not sure how this picture was put together or how it is possible, but if you can tell what the price will be in 2 minutes - it is only your advantage :)
3. Sorry to hear that the customer support was not adequate at the time to assist you. There are few likely reasons:
a. Internet connection
b. PC
Under both cases, in order to speed up your MT4 you can do the following: Reduce the Max bars in History/Chart by half and only have the instruments in the Market Watch which you are interested of trading (you can right click on market watch and click "hide all"- if you want to add more charts, right click and select "show all" and reverse it afterwards).
4. Slippage can happen during volatile market conditions, under such circumstances please contact customer support and it would be investigated if the there was a mistake on our side or it was "Force Majeure".
5. If you had a pending order opened before the weekend, it will open the order at the first possible available price after the opening (should it be below/above your limit/stop order). From the image I can see some slippages of 0.7 pips and order opened 15 minutes later than the market open. Please remember that when the market opens after the weekend, the liquidity is extremely thin especially on an exotic paid like GBPAUD. Also this could have been investigated with customer support and given the exact reasoning.

His final statement is also that MTrading has made him a profitable trader and that he is moving to another broker. I don't think there was any wish of getting resolutions or answers. :)

Best Regards,