Multis vs Justforex

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JustForex is an untrustworthy broker. I am a victim of JustForex.:mad:
One fine day, I received an email informing me that my trading account had been subject to fraud and then it was completely deactivated.

I spent a significant amount of time verifying the personal details JustForex demanded, but they still did not provide me with a clear and fair explanation for their conduct. Finally, here's what I got in response to my question:

I've contacted them several times to discuss the incident, but they have yet to respond with a satisfactory response.
They also established a fixed balance on my MT4 account without explanation.

What should I do to get my money back? :(((
I am so disappointed with Justforex's operations.
@JustForexcom, need your attention here too.
Since 2020, I've been trading with JustForex.
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All of my trading activities were routine until one day I received an email from JustForex informing me that I had engaged in "cheating" behavior and then my account had been suspended.
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I sent an email to reclaim my money JustForex kept. However, the answer I got was that they forced me to verify a lot of issues. And it's also absurd that they forced me to collect the entire transaction history in a year.
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However, I also completed all of the JustForex's verification requirements, but received no response from them.
They still kept more than 60k $ from me.
I am really sad and worried about this money because it is not small for me.
Please help me!
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