MxTrade won't give me my money


I working with MXTrade (Lau Global Services Corp.) since December 2015. On February 26, 2016 by advice of my broker Maria Milkanova I signed a Credit Agreement in the amount of $20,000 to support a margin (it was not necessary, they just lied to me, and forced me to take this credit) . According to the Credit Agreement I had to pay off my credit by March 10, 2016. I paid $400 in time but $19,600 I paid in two payments on March 11, and March 14 by advice my broker Maria Milkanova. She promised to me if I do that I'll not have a any problems, and can withdraw money from my MXTrade account right away after my payment. After I paid off my credit I tried to withdraw the money from my MXTrade account but MXTrade did not let me do this. They said I was charged an interest of 20% a day, and have to make a trading volume of that 20% a day. After I complained about that 20% a day, supporting by MXTrade Terms and Conditions they change the interest charge from 20% a day to 4% annually, which is $7.61. MXTrade mention to me I have to do a trading volume of $76,100, and after that I can withdraw my money. I did that trading volume of $76,100, and MXTrade close my credit. After that I tried to withdraw the money from my MXTrade account but they did not let me do that. MXTrade contacted me by phone, and start threatened me the MXTrade will take money from my MXTrade account , which bring my MXTrade account to negative balance, and will cancel all my deals I made if I'm not going to make a trading volume of $28,092,832.00. On my MXTrade account I have $40,801, plus bonus money $ 21,877, total is $62,678. I did not tried to withdraw a bonus money, just my money ($40,801). I couldn't withdraw my money. MXTrade force me to play. Following the MXTrade Terms and Conditions MXTrade do not have a right to do this. In additional, MXTrade change my MXTrade Account History (I made a screen shots before). I submitted about 7 or more complaints with a Complaint Department of MXTrade - no result, with a MXTrade Finance Dep., with a MXTrade manager no result.

MXTrade just fraud the money from their traders. I checked their license, and it's expired.

MXTrade (Lau Global Services Corp.).

Address: 5 Cork Street, Belize City, Belize, C.A.


Send the link to this thread to them and ask them to come and join the discussion here.