My company has a case against it. What do I do?


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
If it's a new case, the FPA will notify you before any public voting. You'll be offered a chance to come into the FPA's forums and access the Case thread.

If you can show that the issue has been fixed to the satisfaction of the trader, the case will be dismissed.

If you can clearly show that there really isn't an issue, the case will be dismissed.

If you decide that discussing the case will violate privacy rules, the FPA will ask the trader to fill out a privacy waiver form. If you find the contents of the FPA's form unacceptable, please propose alternate wording.

If you decide to ignore the case, then the FPA will have nothing but the traders word to go on.

If you already have a Traders Court Guilty verdict or an FPA Scam Investigations Committee finding against you, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. If you can show that the issues have been resolved, then Scam findings can be lifted and Guilty verdicts can be changed to Resolved.

Please don't refuse to speak to the FPA and then come back months or years later to claim that the issue was addressed unfairly. The FPA has time limits on case filings. If you wait an excessive period of time, then the FPA won't be able to lift the verdict or Scam finding unless the trader(s) involved are fully satisfied with the resolution.