My experience with autosignalspro


This is to let everyone know to be wary of forexsignalspro, it is a trade copier supposedly from a hedgefund of six traders and the master trader Gregory White.
I have had nothing but trouble with them once their service proved to be substandard I requested a refund through Plimus within the 60 days they stated in their own terms and conditions (autosignalspro) and they have refused my requests.
Plimus has tried twice to force a refund and both times failed. All I can say is BUYER BEWARE

I give them one star for customer support which is very good until it comes to a refund and then everything changes
Did you pay using a credit card? If so, call your bank and ask for a chargeback.
As far as I am aware, Plimus only give a 30 day guarantee!

Anything past this and you are relying on the vendor being on the right side of honesty!

This kind of vendor does not sell via ClickBank because they know how solid the 60 day guarantee is!
Discuss it with Plimus (it make take multiple complaints). Also, have a chat with PayPal - they usually aren't the most helpful, but sometimes they can step in and fix something.