My experience withTrade 12


I want to write a very detailed and informative story about my "cooperation" with Trade 12. At the very beginning of October 2017, one evening, a call from the number with the code of Germany. The girl called, she introduced herself as an employee of this brokerage company. A pleasant, confident voice of a young girl asked if I knew something about the earnings in the stock market. Promised with minimal investment and no risk! At that time, I did not have a conversation, the only thing, I asked where did they get my phone, which was followed by an answer that left an application on some site. In principle, this fact did not cause any suspicion, since at present the telephone base can be taken anywhere. In general, we agreed to call again at another time, the call followed exactly on the agreed day and at the exact time agreed !!! Punctual !!! The conversation took place, but at the moment on the currency card I did not have and the next conversation we appointed on 10.10.2017. Until the specified date I looked through the reviews, ratings - suspicions did not cause anything. In general, I decided to try, having decided that losing $ 250 is not fatal. And 11.10.2017 - the beginning of my "cooperation" with Trade 12. The platform was installed, the account was replenished the day in advance, the manager was appointed - everything is super. My manager Vladimir Zhdanov for some reason called not from Germany but from Canada, even from Malaysia he paid me a lot of time and we managed to earn 3-4 dollars a day. A month later, I withdrew the first modest income and deposit-successfully! Then I realized that it was time consuming and powerful and did not want to do it. The broker called me all the time, wrote in skype, persuaded me to start 1500 y. since it is not interesting to work with 500 ye - you work, I earn! and on November 23, 2017 I started $ 500. I did not say anything more for a bigger one, not mine. As time went. Small victories alternated with minor defeats. The "minus" of $ 10-15 did not lead to a loss, but taught to losses: the market is the market. And on my account 2152you. my money. Vladimir continued to supply me with information from Bank of America, that would work on shares, no risks, only profit, but I did not agree. The next proposal did not take long to wait and a proposal was made to earn money on the bitcoin, which without doubt will cost by the end of 2017. 20 thousand dollars. "Let's work and for the remaining 15 days by the New Year I'll bring you $ 15 thousand." we will insure transactions 10-90 %% (if we lose, return 90% if we earn -10% of our Bank of America will take it). " Opened orders - there were also the first plus 100 ye. and minus 1000, but returned 900. Do not send me these bitkoins, you need nerves of iron ... And the broker hinted about the gift from the first 100 ye. Thinking, I bought a gift souvenir coins in beautiful packages and a bell with a painting, as the broker's wife collects them, will now be in the collection and from Ukraine! But the problem is to send the address to Vladimir Zhdanov. Exo Capital Markets Ltd: 439 University Avenue 5th Floor Toronto Ontario M5G 1Y8, Canada, and you can not send coins. I wrapped my favorite cohort broker around with coins. The broker did not stay in debt and sent me an iPhone from Zaporozhye! - He said that it does not cost anything to him and a photo report with my gifts. So that's it! But before that I started 7560e. and the good manager agreed in the finance department to knock out for me more and credit funds (a little more than 2 thousand.) Everything! We can already work on the shares. VerifoneSystemsInc (PAY) reported a fourth-quarter profit of $ 3.1 million, compared with $ 2.5 million a year earlier. And the deal for this company is designed for a net profit of $ 4000 and this is the minimum profit! But the shares did not soar, but it's the same market ... it happens ... Every week there was a miracle of news that could bring a good income.As soon as the profits were made, there was a drawdown immediately, they began to open the gold and the fact that they had all drained ... At this time we regularly worked on oil, and the time of the first castle came ... which was cheerful for 2 weeks, the lock was knocked out against the trend , and we left the sale), left and so the oil grew and it is already necessary to save the account, and the broker rests-Christmas! Has added 2 thousand. - save the account. Rested favorite broker suggested closing a minus 15 thousand for oil. I'm against it, it's already falling, why should I lose money, but I have 2 thousand on the map, I will NOT add it, as I lent them and keep them for safety. "-Chambit, we'll earn on the shares" - a beautiful broker calls (a picture of a handsome man with a light unshaven) and begins to chatter at once and credit you to credit, then quietly print. But when the oil fell, and 10 thousand free margin on the account-shares, alas, was not ... The market, it happens ... We argued for a long time, the broker said that he had all the clients from 100 thousand traders. My next excuse was that I had no more money, 10 thousand-enough! And what do you think he replied to me: "Do you mean that you invested all the money in the stock exchange?" Well, I think I got a broker .. The next week there were no offers, according to my calculations, I'm in the minus 1800 ye, with my invoices. And I decided to withdraw 2 thousand, but the broker was categorically against! We will not be able to participate in stock deals unless your investment is 10,000. (credit is no longer considered). They agreed on 1 thousand, but a gas warrant was opened (also against the trend), but the merciful broker said that he would decide. Two days later, 1 thousand enrolled). On the shares, the profit is not 500-800, but 40-60 ye. And I decided to withdraw another 1,000, but it turned out that two weeks earlier I had signed lots in a package for shares and they were not worked out and the bank knocked out a quota for me but the broker agreed to withdraw 1 thousand. A week passed, money is not credited, something is wrong . The next day, Saturday, February 24 - went again to read the reviews. Also I come across this site, and here also the fresh comment of Sergey Yakovlev, well all about me is written. It is difficult to describe your condition in words. On Monday, 26.02.18 I ask the broker where the money is, and he "you have a country that money is credited 10 days". I ask him how, and earlier, that day came, that he put it to the conclusion or a day later ... Starting from that moment, I recorded all the conversations. On 26.02.18 I was opened with an order for oil in April and I decided to close it with a minimal loss, but the order was not closed with a loss, and then with a profit. I started calling the broker, writing that the oil was April, there could be no excitement. Dear me, my broker was silent. Oil closed in the red, but from 12088 to 10,260. my left. I wrote to a broker that I was looking for a senior, a certain Dmitry Rebrov, let him contact me. In the evening, Eugene, the chief of theirs, phoned, said that the technical department will deal with the system malfunction, my money and on my account - you should not worry, work out the shares and print, if necessary. That's humanism, I think! The next day, a quota for shares of ALIBABA from the bank was knocked out. And on my platfom MT4 TWELVE! lots appeared at 16:29 and at 16:30 I must independently close the profit. On the warrant there was only a take profit, without a stop loss. But the market, he is .. At 16:30 minus 9800. The broker writes in skype-do the castle. The castle for two days somehow floated in the range of minus 9600-10600, but my broker with ten years of experience, Vladimir Zhdanov reassured me, we will correct other shares. I write to him "Why did they go against the trend? After all, on investing wrote that the bearish trend, you are the "stockbroker" - should argue. Why such a volume? Why did the previous ALIBABA package include one lot? Where is the risk management? This is a failure volume! ". In the evening, called Eugene, said, there is a plan to exit the situation! Today we are working on shares again! Shares ALIBABA 06.06.18 g.uzhe went on the trend Take profit profit, profit was added, but already minus 16500! Already on 200 eu. its credit Bank of America suffered.But the skype broker says that we stick to the plan and will be on 1835 y. credit dollars to earn on the commodity market and for $ 100-200 I will withdraw. If there is no other plan, let it be like that. But then the plan was changed and said to add 2165 and already earn it! I did not intend to make any money, and I must give it back. The trading platform 1065489698 blocked me. On a question in skype why the account was blocked, the broker answered that I had unloaded my account and blocked me in skype too. My losses amounted to more than $ 12,000. And I'll be happy if my comments help someone to wake up on time. User name on MT4: 1065489698